hey i feel like crap



damn it....i havent gone to muay thai trainng in two weeks because of a broken car. i feel such out of shape. ive tried to make up for it by running and weight training along with crucnches and pushups...but it just doesnt feel the same. last time i went i was kicking and push kicking hard. the guy with the pad flew. but now i seem to be scared of people and skeptical about my skills, its abuot my 4th month now( i guess).

i also havent visited martial talk in a while. now im back.

I can relate. It seems like everytime I get in the groove, something happens and I end up on the shelf for a month. Business/health first, training last it seems.

Keep the chin up though....things will look up eventually, and you'll be back in the swing within a few weeks.

Sometimes, you get back even better. Olympic lifters, powerlifters, bodybuilders, sprinters, wrestlers, everyone takes a week off once in a while. It gives time for your body to rest and sometimes, makes gains even better as you can shock the body. Unless you gained 50 pounds of fat, I can't see you that much worse in two weeks. After two days, you'll be the same if not better.
martial artist your right. it has happend to me, i came back and was a machine. someone asked me if i as spending all that time watchin blood sport instead of training:)
Yeah man, it helps giving the body a break every so often. Did you feeling like breaking the doors down when you finally got there? Body builders/power lifters usually take a one week break after 6 - 8 hard weeks of training.
been there, done that. things will look up. its always a bummer when you can't do something you love.

chin up my friend :)
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...is to drink heavily.

My girl just broke up with me... I think that advice is quite approriate at the moment :wah: :wah: :wah:
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dude, that sucks. my sympathies.

Just taking the opportunity to winge.... I'm headed home now, time to take Gou's advice.

My advice never really solves anything but it puts it off until you sober up and have to deal with the problem because you can no longer put it off.

I call it, "Reality Therapy with a Twist."
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That's always your advice...

And it should comfort you to know that, by all accounts, he follows his own advice frequently. :D

Well, just a few weeks ago I went to class and couldn't do ANYTHING. Couldn't punch, couldn't kick, couldn't coordinate a technique. Couldn't change stances, couldn't <insert anything else here>

Came in two days later, and was back to my normal semi-pathetic self.
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And it should comfort you to know that, by all accounts, he follows his own advice frequently.

I don't want to be a hypocrite.
i forgot how to left kick!! it was soo good, now i cant...........:confused: :confused: :confused: :eek: :confused: :eek: :confused: :eek:
When you train properly you often 'forget' how to do things. It's a pain in the bum, but that's the way that you move forward. When you forget you are actually learning something new. When you remember again you will be twice as good, trust me. Just keep working on the technique until it falls into place again.

After a fairly long time in training you will know that you have stagnated when you stop forgetting things. You'll be pleased when you forget something, because you'll know where you can improve.

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