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Aug 13, 2010
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Nah, the 1st two they demonstrated SCP but not instructed, thus my question & ya misunderstandings, limitations in knowledge whatever you wanna chalk it up to. Why so defensive? Just questions, if you wanna see alterior motives that's on you.

Dude, if you have questions on anything just ask Master Meng, as I remember you were a student of Dac Lam not Master Meng either but are training HKB from the VTM, claim Master Meng as your Instructor! I trained Hung Fa Yi from Master Meng, trained Ip Man from Sifu Hannon that is not new information... so what?... any other opinions or questions, maybe a few misunderstanding in between? lol, anything at all?

Well once again your info is wrong.

Here is a list of all the HKB Seminars.

Here is a photo of the VTM visit of HKB Great GM Tio Tic Kwi, and GM Lin.
Go to the second picture down on the left. You are right behind Sifu Meng. So I guess this was technically classified as a "Seminar" but as you said they may have demonstrated SCP but never instructed. Didn't sound like that from your questions to GM Lin.
I was told this was more of a "Meet and Greet" than a seminar. Typical of the Chinese culture. First time you meet you usually show some things and talk a little.

Here is a picture of the next seminar. The 1st Public Seminar which you said you were at.
That's me 5th from the left, just behind Sihing Chango...Where are you at? That's definately not you behind Kris standing next to Master Meng.
In the first public Seminar we did go over SCP and trained it. There was a lot of hands on with GM Lin and very specific training in detail ON SCP. So again why did you say you were there and then ask GM Lin questions as if you never saw it or did the SCP?... It's because you weren't there.

Here is a picture of the next Seminar. The 2nd Public Seminar which if I understood you correctly, you said you were at.
I am standing 4th from the left of Master Meng. Once again I don't see you.

So it looks like you were only there for the first Meet and Greet and that's it.

Since you say you know My Sifu Master Meng, why don't you call him and ask him if I am his student. Everyone in the family will tell you that I am Master Mengs student. Feel free to call any one of the school owners anytime.

What kind of nonsense is that anyway?
Just because you train with your Sihing, that doesn't make him your Sifu. If so, I must have a lot of Sifu's by now!

Just because you live in the Kansas City area and your Sihing has a Club School in Kansas City that doesn't make him your Sifu.

My situation is not the same as yours. I was origionally a long distance student of Master Meng, from the very begining. I moved to Ohio in 2009 to train full time. Don't you think Dac would have had something to say about that if he was my Sifu?
My website has been set up for quite a while now and it has Master Meng listed as my teacher. All of my Sihings have seen it as well as Sifu Meng. Don't you think Sifu Meng and Dac would both have an issue with that.
You don't seem to do very good research.

You may have trained HFY under Master Meng after you started with Robert Hannon, but that doesn't make him your Sifu. It still makes him your Sigung. A lot of guys during the HFY days seem to have that part all mixed up. Don't really want to go into the past though.

Just curious Zac how come you are not around anymore?

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Oct 28, 2007
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look Aaron, can you not just go back to the other Kung Fu mag forum and ***** and argue over there?

Martialtalk Wing Chun forum is about friendly discussion with a bit of respect and not petty arguing.

Most of us on here have not even met but we have respect for each others lineage and different ways of doing things, the worst it gets on here is agreeing to disagree on a point.

You just go on and on and on like a child.

Why not contribute to some of the active threads if you are on here to participate and not self promote? Go on, I challenge you to go in my elbow energy thread and post what your take/lineage do. You only get out what you put in on MT. And so far you have posted ****.

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Jul 21, 2010
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Hey Aaron,

I saw over on KFO that Black Flag and Kenneth Lin have been a pretty big discussion there too. I saw a few things you said and would like to respond to them (I'd have done it there but I don't have a kfo account).

Aaron McKillip said:
Originally Posted by*Runlikehell*
Kenneth Lim apparently taught Wing Chun in Japan at one point too. What he was teaching was called "Sam Chien Wing Chun". The web links I've seen don't indicate that he had used any of the 'Black Flag' terminology but the writing style was similar to the quotes in Taokum's post on 'Ngo Cho Eng Chun'.

He mentions "I have six different lineages from eight different sifu, one of them came from Yip Man (Bruce Lee`s teacher)".

It says Kenneth Lim, not Kenneth Lin. Not the same guy.

Aaron McKillip said:
All 5 Flag families had the same basic information. But since HFY says now it is not one of the 5 Flag families. (Which it has been claiming for years that it is.) Not sure what to tell you.*
HFY and Black Flag energy is Definately*not*the same. Not even close. If you have not trained them both you would not know that though. HFY uses structural energy from exactly what you said. The body is linked together to form a good structure. In HKB the energy is does not come from the Structure. In fact if it does, you are not doing HKB correctly.

It's kinda sad to see that you don't even believe your teacher's *own words* Aaron. He said it black and white:

The first Kungfu was Ngo Cho Kun and Thay Co Kun, which emphasizes the Sam Chien Element. In 1994, He met his Wingchun sifu.

Kenneth Lin fully admits that he did a 5 ancestor Lohan system. He also admits that his fabled whipping power didn't do too much against a real wing chun guy:

However, after meeting his Wingchun sifu, his powerful attacks were soon neutralized by the new wingchun techniques, after that he started to learned under him.

He had only been training for **6 years** before he started teaching his kungfu as Ngo Cho Wing Chun in 2001: Ving Tsun Group was founded in 2001* by Kenneth Salim. Then only 5 or 6 years after that it became Black Flag Wing Chun. which was supposed to be 400 years old. Really, how dumb are you guys to believe that?

Wanna see for yourself? Look here:

Aaron, your only defense has been Kenneth Salim is not Kenneth Lin. So are you telling me that there are 2 people, with almost the exact same name, who grew up in the same place, started learning kung fu at the same age and apparently used to share the same address, phone number and web site?


Shaolin Fu Kien Wingchun Kungfu Center Academy
Instructor: Kenneth Salim
Address: Wellington lakes
City: Fredericksburg State: Virginia Zip Code: 22401
Country: USA
Phone: 540-287-3647 Fax:

Our wingchun origin came from two sources, VIKOGA wingchun and*
Fukkienese Wingchun. VIKOGA Wingchun came from many different sources such as the Yip man*
lineage, Malaysia Wingchun, Nan Yang WIngchun, Vietnam Wingchun(Vingh Xuan), and Yuen Kay San Wingchun.

Fukkienese Eng Chun (Wingchun) came from the Fukkien area in China and was*
brought down to Indonesia. It is a very unique Wingchun style and uses the*
fukkienese dialect

So Aaron, what are you trying to tell us? Kenneth Lin/Lim/Salim has several evil twin brothers out to ruin his good kung fu reputation? Seriously man, how old are you that you believe this stuff? My 6 year old nephew wouldn't even be fooled by this! You put this evidence in front of anyone and 99.99% of the time they'll see the truth.

Aaron, if you want to continue to believe this 5 flag fantasy that's your business, in America you are certainly free to be fooled if you want to. Kenneth Lin has called Yip Man WC, Hung Fa Yi WC and TWC all red flag at one point or another. None of them really need to deny it because nobody in the HISTORY OF ALL KUNG FU before Kenneth Lin ever used the term 5 flags of shaolin. Nobody has paid much attention to it until recently because Lin's group was so small and insignificant till he hooked up with Benny Meng. And really, Benny Meng founded his VTM planning committee before Kenneth Lin even started training wing chun. How bad must the VTM's kung fu be if they're impressed by someone doing wing chun less time than they have even been around? Maybe they should learn from the WC guy who beat Lin instead!!!!

All your pages and pages of seminar reviews talk about the power of the Saam Jin Bou (not from wing chun) and the magical and fantastical whipping power fa jin of Kenneth Lin, which by his own words was defeated easily by a true wing chun man. I imagine he doesn't mention his wing chun sifu on his website (which we know to be Chung Che Man of VIKOGA Wing Chun) because he probably NEVER FINISHED HIS TRAINING UNDER HIS SIFU. This explains why he only shows off his 5 ancestor lohan kung fu, his understanding of wing chun has got to be shaky and incomplete.

This bad joke continues, 5 flags were 5 bandit groups. Period. Kenneth Lin mixed up 5 ancestor lohan and Victor Leow's wing chun and then sprinkled a fantasy story on the top to make people buy this Black Flag bullcrap. Period. Aaron, are you ready to admit the truth yet so we can put this ridiculous thread to bed?

Aaron McKillip

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Aug 13, 2010
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I have participated for a little while trying to explain about HKB. I am not getting anything accrossed to you or most of the other people it seems. I wanted to simply discuss HKB but since nobody seems to care and all they want to do is fight, I am going to stop responding to all these negative comments. Not worth spending my time on.

Time to get back to training. Wish everyone luck on your own training.


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May 16, 2009
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Aaron, sorry don't have time to address all your post or even read it,
Trying to balance two jobs, going to school & a girlfriend, not easy but all that aside.

Nah, never said I attented the groundbreaking historic black flag or whatever seminar which you attended obviously or we would have seen each other, in fact what I did do was attend the Fri-Sun event which was scheduled for only Sat but decided to make another mini even on Sun. Therefore 2 events... equate to whatever but I only travelled to Dayton one time for these two events if that makes more sense.

Alright cool in Meng's family he is my Sigung obviously, nice were past that but he sent emails to his Brazil rep's stating I was one of his HFY disciples, how do I know? Because I typed out some of his personal emails at his request, with what he wanted said.
So again ask Master Meng about any of this if you want to know more.
Again I have nothing against Master Meng, nor the VTM's rep's, nor Master Lin for that much. But I have questions on HKB Eng Chun history, nothing of this is stating it sucks or is inferior as a system of Martial Arts, because what little I've seen of HKB has impressed me.

Ill add more if possible later, all the best.


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Sep 5, 2010
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Very intersesting reading!

Originally posted by Sifu Sergio
Where are your pictures of you learning under your sifus in the 80's? They are non existent because you (Kenneth Lin) never studied it at that time! A supporter turns into a critic. Sifu Sergio, thankfully you can be excited and keep a cool head, too.

Kenneth Lin's Sihing Yauw Tao Ciu came out to tell the world about what's the truth behind Lin's made up history of Shaolin Black Flag Eng Chun.

I am Yauw Tao Ciu from Indonesi
I was the shixiong (sihing) of this unrespectfull person: Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk.
The fact is Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk just under my shifu instruction for only around 8 months in Indonesia.I have authenticall prove for that.And there was around 10 people knew exactly the time and the event when he was trained at my shifu's house at Probolinggo,East Java,Indonesia.