Happy New Year



& God Speed

My motto for the new year is :

"If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of." -- Bruce Lee

Hope 2003 brings about a sense of perspective and appreciation in everyone and the world political climate improves.

-LATER- J. :asian:
Well put, gravity.
I wanted to say Happy New Year too.
Originally posted by cdhall
Well put, gravity.
I wanted to say Happy New Year too.


Let me take a moment to wish all of my people a happy holidays and a happy new year.

Respects, jb

For 2003

Train Hard, Train Regularly, Train Intellegently and Make No Excuses - Skip Hancock
Happy 2003 everyone!

"May the year ahead bring
health and happiness,
hearts that love each other,
strength and perseverance,
people helping one another;
a renaissance of values, such
as family, faith, and freedom;
the spirit of God within us
as a living temple for Him;
children safe from any injury,
forgiveness of the past,
no more terror, war or poverty,
and peace on earth at last!"

This isn't mine, but I like the way it goes.
A brand new year- full of possibilty. Plan: go b*lls out after all the training I can get. And get a new job I hate less.

Hope all here have a good night to kick off a good year.:cool:
Happy new year everyone!

The brand new year to start new things.:D I 'm going to do my best to gain more knowledge, indepth of the kenpo system.
Hope it's a glorious new year for everyone!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! wooo hooo... we didnt get nuked lol... looking forward to another great year in the arts and a great year of conversations and posts on martial talk...

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