Got a StrikeMeter for Christmas, had a blast playing around with it.


Nov 14, 2013
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I'll try and get a video posted later. My Dad got me a StrikeMeter for Christmas. It's a little meter you put on the base of a Century target (we were using a BOB XL) and it gives you a power rating when you strike. It's nothing scientific like PSI or foot-pounds of energy. As far as any individual strike goes, it's just an arbitrary number. However, that number is useful for comparing between strikes.

I learned some interesting things. For one, my reverse punch is actually about 25% stronger than my front kick. My back kick is stronger than anything else by a significant margin as well.

I played around with different punching styles, including the jab, horse stance punching, the reverse punch, the boxing punch, and the step and punch (what you see in a basic TKD or Karate form). I listed them in the order I was able to deliver the most power into them. The reverse punch and boxing punch were incredibly similar, but the step and punch was maybe 10-20% stronger.

I also played around with a lot of the extra strikes that TKD has compared to boxing, such as elbows, backfists, and hammerfists. Most of them were closer to a jab in terms of power. Hooks and uppercuts were closer to a cross.

Then I started playing around with the types of kicks I'd do for light contact to see how much power I am taking off. I was hitting with about 15-20% of my power.

It may not be completely accurate, but it was interesting to see the difference between various punches.


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Jan 3, 2018
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Awe...SOME!!! That'd be a heck of alot of fun... whatta dad!

And yeah, the back kick is darn powerful when done right.. so underused from people I've sparred with!

Would be fascinating going through different strikes... and yeah that's the thing back fists etc may be more like jabs in terms of power, a different intention than full knockout power.