Good for a laugh! Kung-Fool Frauds!


Inigo Montoya

Was surfing other forums, and found a link to a "Fraud Alert" site.... Oh, man it is good for a laugh.

I love it. How stupid do you have to be? Guy has a degree in BS, and falls for the BS of another BSer.

The funniest part of it, is despite realizing his "teacher" was a total fraud, the moron is still "teaching"....

Wonder if he's a "Jedi"?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
It reads like a freakin' soap opera! The sad thing is that people new to the art get caught in this crap. It's a no-win situation for them.
Hmm...needs a theme song...

"Its the story..
Of a gullible loser...
Who was easily fooled by parolor tricks
of all his lies,
the easiest was found in Kung Fools for Dummies".

ok, so its not quite the Brady Bunch, but hey....

"Dammit Jim, I'm a Swordsman, not a Commedian!" :D
Song = baaad. :)

site = sad story. I know the individuals involved...lets just say, theres aLOT more to it than is listed.

Someone on the original thread I believe said something about a despirate mind making excusses, or something like that....

When you want to believe, you will convincwe yourself to believe, regardless of the evidence appartent to all those around you. Sometimes you wake up, othertimes, the nightmare consumes you, and you spend an eternity seeking answers...and more.

Come on! Tell us the rest of the story!
I can't. Kens a friend, and while we don't see eye to eye sometimes and I often think he needs a good whack upside his head, he's still a friend. Lets just say that mr DM was -real- good at being a con artist.... he had alot of folks fooled, some still. :shrug:

For me, I'll stick to dealing with instructors with verified lineages though...the parlor tricks wooed me once, but now it takes more than shiny.... MMMMMM Swords. :D
...**grumble grumble**
...never get to have any fun...
...**grumble grumble**
This sounds almost as bad as Chung Moo Do, but more...well...pathetic. This sort of thing always pi$$es me off. Too bad dojo-bashing is too risky to do nowadays, what with the risk of having the pants sued off ya.

Problem is, almost anyone can run off a fancy cert on their PC, and learn a few parlor tricks to fool the uninformed.

Sad really. :(