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Oct 25, 2001
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Hi all. I thought I'd pass this along for reference. Earlier today, our teacher sent us an e-mail with image attachments. He said that the images were of one of his seniors performing the Six Closing Fist form/sequence that he's currently teaching us. The pictures are just the endpoints so you don't see how you get from position to position, but they're good for a reminder as we're learning. Anyway, I did a quick search through Google using the image name as phrase and found the web site that had them: http://home.educities.edu.tw/y2kiss/index.htm I looked around the site and found some images for the tan tuie routines we're learning and some other forms that perhaps we'll do in the future. I don't know Chinese, so I can't read anything on the pages; I'm going by file names and pictures. :) But, in case any one is interested in knowing a bit more about what I'm learning, there's a good site.