Gloves vs Fist. Which one wins for you



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Aug 3, 2015
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Ok. so we have two different interpretations of a technique. Why is yours correct?
I thought you may like this. The video shows some long fist techniques in boxing from 1925. James J Corbett was bareknuckle fighter. One of the things that stands out is how his movement flows. The punch at 0:48 is how it's done in Jow Ga as well as other long fist techniques minus the big wind up. But that forward movement is what causes the damage. In order to prevent falling over from the forward momentum (from the shuffle forward), the front leg steps forward so that it can better handle it. You'll also notice that it's not robotic. You'll actually see a series of various types of long fist punches, as well as parries, and grappling.

The video below is from 1899. This guy actually lands a sweet long fist and knocks the guy down with it. If you slow it down and pause it, you can see that he takes that forward shuffle and when the impact occurs he's actually in a fairly low bow stance.

This is Jim Jefferies training. Notice the footwork