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I prefer a judo type gi. They are a little heavyer last a little longer and help to work up a sweat. They can be a little pricey but they lest for some time so you dont need to replace them as often as a karate gi.

Despair Bear for BJJ, comp double

It's like wearing armor! Makes sure your opponent REALLY has his choke technically correct, otherwise, it won't go.
I wear a Ronin Gi for Budo Taijutsu (the thing is like wearing a parka). For Shindo Muso ryu, I wear a judo keidogi top and hakama.
Heavyweight black karate gi from KI International. Pain in the butt to find (had to order mine direct from the company), but I think they're worth it. My Century heavyweight gi fell apart fairly quickly, but the KI gi is great.

I wear a standard single weave judogi. Comes under the brand name Mikado in Canada. Gotta have something substantial for Aikido, but it doesn't have to stand up to the same abuse as in Judo or BJJ.

Another vote for HCK comp single or comp double. Awesome gi for BJJ!

- Kyle
I also like the Ronin brand gi. I have a few black Jujitsu gi's and they are very durable and have barely faded after countless washes. You can order Ronin brand black Jujitsu gi from Kinji San Martial Arts Supply Company. Their website is
Zujitsuka -

I have a black Ronin, too, and it's a great gi for the price. A little loose for BJJ, plus the nasty guys at class pick on me for wearing it. :wah:

Durable pants though! Thanks for the link, I may buy a couple more pairs of the pants.
It's only because it's very intimidating :(

- Kyle
Double weave Atama for BJJ. I also keep it in my jeep so if I get stranded, I won't die from hypothermia.

on the left coast of southern california where I live and breathe
the Kenpo air, it is practically a law that you take your Black gi
top and bleach it down to a smokey gray.
Remember it's style over substance. Ya gotta have the skills
but no reason not to look so damn awesome in the process.
Add a surfer tan , Fernando LLamas ain't got nothing on me!!
I look mahvelous. he he...

Bleach the gi? How do you bleach the gi to grey from black? Doesn't that weaken it?

What the heck is up with that?

My black gi usually end up turning a dark gray, but that's just from wear and tear. Personally, I would never bleach it, as Gou says, that could weaken the fibers in the gi.

What's a Gi ? (kidding) JKD remember. We love em, it's like humans with handles. :p I did hear that Gou is really good looking in a Gi. Bleach it then tie dye it, yeah baby....OK so I don't have anything meaningful to offer here. I must be the weakest link. Good bye
Traditional Gis are traditional and respectful. We seem to always train in street clothes and clean soft sole shoes with the thought if involved in a confrontation you would be accustomed to your body movement and clothes restrictions. While training the Special Forces at Fort Lewis we wear BDUs, the same uniform they wear to blend with and be part of the team.

Different concept?

Pappy Geo
If I'm training traditionally, I'll wear a gi. If I'm not, I don't.

I do look good in a gi.

At last you guys are either coming around to the truth or humouring me.

I don't care which one you choose, the outcome for me is the same!
What is up with the bleach is that I'm going back more than
25 years ago!! You always had to have the walk(skills) on
the tournamnet scene, But don't be misled by the higher goal
of non-ego, at least in southern calif back then it was who
was the most colorful showman, even the kenpo salute was
delivered with such style that there could have been awards for
choreography. The new lightweight material of Century or
Musashi Supplies came out years later. The gi's I wore were
of the heavier judo type. And I repeat...Blasting off leaping
backfists at your opponent while in the smokey grey was
cover of the rolling stone cool.

with respect
I personally liek my Ikon gi's from NAPMA. I also like my Pro Force gi from Asian World.

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