GI custom made by seamstress

Depends on the bar and the drinks. 🍸 $200 on booze is a lot, but appetizers and drinks with a date can get pretty close to that if you go someplace bougie.

I prefer to bring my own hooch and save money. My grandfather use to chew his tobacco twice and then smoke it.
99% of the time we wear cheap dobok trousers from amazon and T-shirts. Although we observe rank and testing we seldom wear belts. A few years ago we were going to have a guest teacher and beforehand I actually had to teach my folks the all the gi stuff LOL... Focus on the training the clothing is immaterial (pun intended).
I missed this thread when it started, but I'm with the person who said "do what you want". You absolutely do not need a fancy gi, nor a custom-made one. But if either gets you something you want, and it fits your budget, go for it. I wish I'd though to have one made. I really like the feel and weight of a Judo-style gi, but all the ones I found had the stuffed lapel (to make it harder to grip). I often thought of removing the lapel and taking out whatever was so stiff in there, but didn't trust I'd get it back on looking nice. I probably could have taken it to a seamstress and asked them to fix that, plus make me a second to my specifications (probably with some decoration inside, because I love the gi's that have that), without spening much more than a decent Judo gi costs.

Back to my point: I could have continued to wear the white, lighter-weight Karate-style gi's used in most NGA schools. For practical reasons, I wanted to use a heavier gi - and encouraged my students to, as well. For aesthetic reasons (and a minor practical reason: grass stains), I chose to wear black - and encouraged my students to do the same. For a combination of practical and aesthetic reasons, I chose to weark hakama most of the time when training, unlike most folks in NGA (most only wear them when teaching, if even then).

None of those things were necessary. I had reasons for preferring them, and so I went that way. I had a student with a background in Karate who preferred a white mid-weight Karate gi. So that's what he wore. Because why not?

Do what you want, as long as it conforms to any requirements set out for you.
We kind of have a natural progression as we promote. We will start out with a white light weight dobak until we reach red belt, when students receive a medium weight black dobak. When they earn their black belt, they receive a new medium weight white top with black trim. After that, some will invest in a more expensive dobak if they attend a lot of promotion boards and tournaments.
I found several BJJ GI's with a picture, for lack of a better word, sewed on the inside. Love it.

or even this


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Here are two more! I think I am in love!



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Here are two more! I think I am in love!

A bit gaudy, don’t you think? Demonic samurai with smoke coming out of his gob, like a tacky tattoo! The Mona Lisa would be higher brow…or Dua Lipa.
I had to google "Dua Lipa" as I didn't know what is was. But, I could certainly could live with her picture on my GI. But, my wife would most certainly disagree. and I would probably be sleeping in the car in the garage.

Happy wife, Happy life.
for those who don't know........


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They're like running shoes. You wanna run 12 miles in 2 hours? You go ahead and buy the Sketchers if you want; I'll spend the extra money on the Brooks.
Meh. A uniform does not support your weight like running shoes, so I have a hard time calling that a fair comparison. Can they make a difference on comfort during hard training? To be certain. Do they make you a better fighter? Maybe in the last round when you are gassed.
follow link to see many GI's with pictures inside jacket. Just WOW!

Here is the link. then scroll down to see the many BJJ GI open Jackets.

Here we go........


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Only if you get these pants to go with it!
Got a favorite design?
You can have any picture that you want put on the lining of the GI.
Meh. I never got into the exotic designs, but you do you.
As stated, I do have a Superfoot style uniform I wore to opens when I was a young buck.

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