Question about Gi's


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Jan 22, 2007
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Blackwood, New Jersey
My sensei trained under Masters Mitchum and Long, but not Master Angi Uezu. It just so happens that I met and worked with Uezu-san back in the day. Wish I had gone in for learning karate back when I had a 22 year-old body, but better later than never.

Welcome to MartialTalk, and you couldn't be more right about that Bill!

Remember, a 'heavyweight' gi refers to the thickness of the fabric, not the guy in it ;) Personally I like the KI gis a lot, and got a medium weight tournament cut gi (shorter arms and legs) from them not too long ago for about 40 bucks. But, the Century ProForce gis are fine as well. Actually (and I don't say this out loud too often) I LOVE the Century Gladiator pants with the elastic waist. I had a class last summer in my new heaveyweight Seido gi (all embroidered and gorgeous) and I had sweat so much in the class that I could not get the pants off LOL The drawstrings just stuck in place, and I ended up dancing around the locker room pulling at those pants for about 20 minutes! So, it's the poly cotton blend elastic waist pants for me now all the time in all weather now :)