Getting the "No Permission to Post" message? Read Here.

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If you are trying to make a post here and get the 'You don't have permissions" notice, it's because you don't have permissions. Read our advertising policy. In order to start a new topic here (ie post a listing) you need to be within it's guidelines.
3.2 Advertisement Posting Requirements

In order to post -any- ad notices you must be a member of one or more of these groups:

Be a Staff Member
Be a Mentor
Be a Gold Key Club Member
Be a Supporting Member
Be a registered member with a minimum of 100 posts.
Have purchased a 7-Day Advertising Permit

Otherwise, you may not post -any- advertisements. That includes for sales, now opens, camp and seminar announcements, etc. That means if you register just to post ads, you're either going to have to take some time and contribute content to the community, or cash to keep us running. No more freebies!

To purchase a 7 Day Advertising Permit, go to USERCP and scroll down to Paid Subscriptions. Current rate is $50.

In ALL our forums, chain letters and junk mail are strictly prohibited. Any software, print or audio/video content offered for sale or trade must be originals. Anyone found distributing bootlegs will be banned from the forums, and we will cooperate fully with law enforcement if required. This includes linking to software, posting about it, and suggesting where to get it.
Not open for further replies.