Front foot step in, back foot slide forward footwork

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Feb 23, 2014
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Supposedly, separating punching from stepping and breathing allows fast, free timing of punches unrestricted by the timing of your steps and breath.

This is true, but it comes at a price.

The result is often weak, ineffectual punching that won't stop a tough, determined attacker. As soon as your attacker or opponent realizes that your punches can't really hurt him, you have a real problem.

The two solutions to this problem are:

A. Develop an incredibly powerful WC short-punch using arm-power only, with perfect kinetic linkage, timing, relaxation and qi.

B. Develop a good, heavy short-punch coordinating good kinetic linkage, stepping and bodyweight transfer.

Years ago, as an impressionable and gullible young student, I opted for A., the "incredible" result. Now age and experience has taught me what the word "incredible" actually means ...literally beyond belief. So I now favor option B. and try to develop good power! ;)

There is a whole thing in boxing about how hard you hit someone and when.

Because it generally takes a volume of strikes to overwhelm a person's defence.