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Jan 21, 2003
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Does anyone have a link to a flash video that shows the traditional/formal salutation to judges/instructors which should be done before beggining a form? I've seen it described about 15 different ways and am having trouble getting a single picture into my head. My kwoon doesn't do the formal bow beforehand, just the quick left hand over right fist bow and then on to business. Just a curiosity to add to my repotoire (sp) and would like to be able to teach it myself when/if I become an instructor.

i've never seen the video you're talking about, but the "extended" salute if you will isn't always done the same way. depending on the form there is a "signal" done with the fingers/knuckles before the salute to show what you are about to preform. for example...long three would be three fingers. i suppose after that the salute is always the same. you also start doing the extended salutation with short 3.

there is also an explaination for each movement in the salute (which admittedly i am rusty on the exact translation)...IE: stepping off to the left into your horse stance means you are "casting off the weak"

i'm sure someone here remembers how it goes.

shame on me for not remembering...*goes off to figure it out again*

oh yeah...i really hope you were talking about EPAK, or what i've just said holds no meaning at all to you. i forget sometimes that there are othe types of kenpo on this board. :) you mentioned you kwoon so something tells me i'm speaking a different language here.
The instructor trained in the Tracy system in New York, earned his black belt, instructed. He then moved to Virginia, started at white belt in the Universal system (yes, they made him start from white) earned his black belt, instructed. He left the Universal system and 95% of the students in our kwoon followed him. He redid the curriculum to match his Tracy training rather closely and blended in some of the Universal style (nothing earth shattering, pretty much a lot of the same stuff I've seen at Shaolin schools) and there you have the system... so.... no it's not EPAK but it isn't really pure Tracy system either. He isn't exactly creating a new system, just trying to take the best of everything he has learned and pass it on to the students. I asked about the salutation because I really enjoy the formallity of forms and the salutation seemed like something that we might want to add (at least in the kwoon). Thanks for the link.

If anyone else has experienced the same situation that I've described above I'd like to hear about it. So far I am much happier with the new system as it really gives us a chance to explore alot of different avenues of approach to each move.


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