Forbidden City tour 2024

Xue Sheng

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Jan 8, 2006
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the Forbidden City.

18 years ago i was at the Forbidden City and you walked up to the front and bought your ticket and walked in. And you pretty much had the run of the place. However you could not go into many if the halls. But you could look in them.
And when done you could exit thr same way you went in. Also no limit on how many could go in. And in all honesty there were not that msny people by comparison to today.

Today. You need to buy a ticket 7 days in advance, online. And when they become available they tend to sell out in minutes. After that no more are sold for thst day.

You need to go through a police check, bsgs are put through X-ray and you are searched. Also either need Chinese ID or passport. Which matches to your ticket

Go to main entrance, repeat the police check with search snd ID all over again

Also, you no longer have the run if the place. Yiu need to buy tickets separately to see different sections.

To get into the separate areas you may or many not be subject to another search. But you idea matching to ticket purchase is required

You cannot see into as msny halls

And you absolutely cannot leave by the same gate you went in.

And it was very crowded

On the upside, some of the main gates have ramps over the thresholds. And some of the okd stairs have newer sets built over them. But dont let this fool you, it is absolutely not handicapped accessible.

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