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Gerry Seymour

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Mar 27, 2012
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Well yes, it's not necessary on top end devices with fast unfettered board band, that's why you can turn it off, but that's not all oR even most of the population .

Data is also suppressed by a number of the popular mobile browsers, chrome for instance will turn down the quality of the data to save you money on sites that don't provided the service,( or further savings on those that do) to increase speed and cut costs. I use puffin browsers, as in on a metered connection, it's saved me about 50% of my costs at the expense of quality,

The resolution o the screen is a popular misconce p tion, it's just a physical fact that it has X, pixels per inch, the quality it gives Is dependent at the quality of the data being sent, I Stream films in 360, it doesn't matter if I have a high def, screen I'm only getting a quality of 360
I do the same on my PC, for much the same reason. And, yes, you can choose lower resolution/data rate - most sites don't do much of that for you, anymore.