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Sep 11, 2006
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Video Training
By Bobbe - 06-26-2009 11:30 PM
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Speaking of Arsenio Advincula in another post got me thinking of this.

There are Soooooo many video correspondence courses available nowadays, and the amount of FMA DVD&#8217;s produced last year ALONE would sink a battleship. You can choose between styles that are vastly different, exactly the same except one teacher split from the grandmaster and now there are two versions, one-offshoots of the original style, etc.

And of course, video distance learning programs.

I have a more cavalier attitude towards video learning than most of my contemporaries on this forum. I don&#8217;t think it&#8217;s the antichrist of martial arts, and it is possible to gain skill from a videotape, if you work hard enough.

Notice the caveat: IF YOU WORK HARD ENOUGH. A quick run-through won&#8217;t help you when the fecal matter hits the sports enthusiast. Also, let&#8217;s be clear; NOTHING is better than live training with a knowledgeable teacher.

But, failing that&#8230;

Youtube has a plethora of videos on the Filipino Martial Arts, and there are some things on the web that I would have KILLED to know back in the 80&#8217;s, when I was coming up. You can find technical nuances and a wide variety of skills that would have taken you a decade, or longer, to get from a conventional teacher. Even in the late 90&#8217;s, I remember we had to just about levitate to get training in advanced techniques and concepts. This is one of the things that spurred me on to become the kind of teacher that I am today.

Something else we take for granted nowadays is the availability of instructors. Karate, TKD and half a dozen other arts were readily available in America in the mid 1980&#8217;s. Eskrima, however, was almost nil, and Pencak Silat even less so. Kuntao? What the hell was that?

You kids today&#8230;You really don&#8217;t know how lucky you have it.


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chris arena

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Sep 2, 2005
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Gig Harbor
Man! does this article hit home. In fact, I am a living example of taking advantage of this media. YES! You need to have a good teacher and training partners! Won't waste time without it. I studied Modern Arnis under a highly ranked instructor for over 7 years before even starting to teach. Since then 10 more years have almost passed me by and it is only recently that I have started to show some (really simple vids of me and my little group). In fact, I still attend seminars in my area and every one is a learning tool. I always try to forget what I think I know, then just have fun and try to absorb whatever subject matter I can.

Recently, especially over the past year or so, I have found so many great u-tub vids that I have to say, been a real boon to me (and my students) learning abilities and skill level. In fact, over the past few months, I have added flow drills by Datu Hartman and another from Tuhan Ray Dianaldo into my class curriculam simply because they raised the bar from the basic six count drills and built our trapping and sensitivity skill to a higher level. In fact, I just posted on Martial Talk asking for a particular video that I am looking for in order to work out some weak areas in our trianing.

How many years would have passed before I found these cool techniques in a seminar? Or would I ever have learned them at all? Not to mention that now I am pretty proficient with some of them and have even been able to pull some portions off in free flow sumbrada play.

So, in short, I believe that we are embarking of a level of information that is unparalleled in Martial Arts Training. I for one, have learned more technique on U-Tube over the past 2 months than over the past 2 years of seminars!!

However, there is a word of caution. The student has to be serious and currently training with some good training partners. All of the great techniques we watch on u tube require a lot of work and practice to deveolop and have to relate to what you already know. The only way to learn is practice, practice, practice And with good people. Otherwise you are only a philosopher but not a technition. Unfortunately U-tube will create a lot of philosphers'. But, I guess in the instant gratification world we live in that there is no escaping the sad reality that there are no longer any secrets.

Chris A


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Aug 28, 2001
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Terre Haute, IN
Sounds like it worked for you! With regular access to an instructor, it can be successful.


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Jul 2, 2006
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Northern VA
There's a difference between an experienced student gathering new drills, exercises, and even techniques via videos -- especially "instructional" videos designed to teach rather than simply show the technique or drill -- and a newby trying to learn from scratch from a video. Even something as seemingly simple and self-evident as how tight to grip a stick can be hard to discover without guidance.

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