FMAT: New Ginunting Pekiti-Tirsia for Archives

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Sep 11, 2006
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New Ginunting Pekiti-Tirsia for Archives
By GrandTuhon Leo T Gaje Jr - Thu, 28 Feb 2008 00:41:51 GMT
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If one intend to possess the real substance of the real world of the FMA , the ginunting, the official killing Edged Weapon of the Force Recon Marines and the Special Action Force Commandos is a treasure as a real combat close quarter edged weapon and a memorable blade because the presence of the ginunting in your bedside tickles you that one of the Ginunting brothers had hacked the enemy in the Islands and had instantly killed the enemy in a split of seconds. That the blood is dripping to the ground asking for help. The new Ginuntiing with the latest special iron from Viietnam with 10 % higher grade than any iron in the world is mixed with the Philippine iron that the composition of the Ginunting is far superior than any blades in the market. It can through and through even the guarded walls.

Pekiti-Tirsia serves the best quality of Edged Weapons with the best technology tested and proven costing lots of lives to perfect one technique. You only need one technique to take a kilo from the enemies body and a kilo will be kept as an archives together with the ginunting that did the slashing and the thrusting to remove the kilo of flesh and bones, it can be the shoulder , the neck with the head or the legs and the thighs.

It is a memorable souvenir to keep that keep it last for couple of days and when it is right for preservations then it can months or years.

The New Ginunting is beautifully design by the hands of experienced traditional warrior, a warrior and a blacksmith. While the makes the ginunitiing his mind is focus on several close quarter encounters and he can recall how the ginunting felt heavy in the beginning but when it is move into the air it is so light as a feather. With this experiienced as a Force Recon Marine and a blacksmith , the quality is the best in the close quarter combat.He was called to challenge live blade , a ginunting against the Barong on a death match in Lanao before the presence of the tribes and before the presence of the Force REcon operatives, witnessing this event is just as real in your imagination but it is true . This master sergeant is still alive and one can ask the truth the time you will be in the Philippines.

Ginunting as the name itself signifies the cutting razor, cuts in double action , single blade but with double action.

Take one from our Ginunting that is made by the combine hands of a NATIVE WARROR AND THE MODERN DAY WARRIOR.


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