FMAT: Pekiti-Tirsia Sea -Air-Land Combat Training

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Sep 11, 2006
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Pekiti-Tirsia Sea -Air-Land Combat Training
By GrandTuhon Leo T Gaje Jr - Thu, 28 Feb 2008 09:03:20 GMT
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Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System will move to the higher state of Licensure Course on 2009. For those who passed the first , second - third -fourth licensure course will accellerate to higher grading category of training. THE UNDER WATER NAVIGATION. This will be conducted on a soft water down on the river rhine spread like a vast area of sea water in Negros and then on the fourth day they will be moved to the sea water ( ocean bay) to test the difference of water pressure down to 70 feet under water navigation.

The land and night navigation conducted for the first Licensure course was a great test where each one was able to hurdle and passed the test. It was an excellent experience for one to learn how to navigate inside the forest during the day or during the night where every part of the forest was no mans land. This experience will prepare someone that he or she is kidnapped or abducted and brought to places unknown and was able to escape it is an opportunity for one to survive knowing the conditions to face in the middle of no where. Todays criminals specially rapist and sex murderers will always bring their victims into thickly forested area where they abused and kill leaving no traces or sometimes traces is found but the victims are already skeletons.

Crimes can be anywhere, Jungle survival is a pretest of the real inicidents that may occur in one life unexpectedly. We prepare, we train , we test ones skill as if it is a real situation. Pekiti-Tirsia prepares a person how to fight against stress, pressure, fear, torture, even at the very last breath it can still pull out a small knife from his pockets and be able to thrust to the eyes of the abductor and possibly blind him and be able to run , run and run without looking back.

Underwater navigation is as important as land navigation, civilians that are train how to survive will live a life of a fish or crocodile or dolphines . He or she must be equipped to survive at all cost. If thrown by the rapist or killer into the bridge and reach the water down the river and can still can breath with hands wrapped with a rope or taped , he or she can swim underwater for a certain distance and hide under he shrubs or bamboos growing near the banks of the river that moment is life is still alive and survival is near.

Pekiti-Tirsia aims for greater life for one who learn and study seriously without mental reservations. One can live hundred of years physically and spiritually if the mentality to survive is prepared like the fortress at Gibralta.

Where the Eagles Dare that is our destiny. One must live beyond the capabilities compared to others regardless of ages. One must be distinct in all his or her life style. The state of Par Excellence must be present in all forms of training and more to the time when the blade starts to sing " Don't Cry for me Argentina"


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