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Sep 11, 2006
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A challenge????
By Kailat - 11-01-2008 02:02 AM
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Okay so tonite be it all hallow's eve.. I have had a few to drink.. not drunk though.. or at least I don't think im drunk.. I've had a great evening.. all till the end of the night.. isn't that how it usually goes????

Ok, so been to several bars.. the Witches Ball, a couple different establishement's halloween costume contest etc.. it was a great evening.. had the chance to listen to some great bands, and hang out drink some great beer. My friends, my brother come down from out of town and we all just had a wonderful evening tonite. UNTIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so, as we all walked back to our cars to part for the evening there was 2 guys who wanted to start talking crap to my group... They wanted to run off at the mouth.. start just throwing their hands up and saying crap that just really irritated me and done it QUICK!!!!!!! I don't know what got into me, but i just wasn't in the mood for either of thier mouth's..

So this dumb fool wanted to strip his shirt off as he started walking towards me.. I said " dude your crossing the line.. i wouldn't do it!"" I begged him to stop!! He continued and got right in my face at which time he ended up on his *** and I honestly don't know how it even happend...LOL.. His buddy came up stripping his shirt off and "BAM" he was next to his buddy both picking themselves off the pavement. My buddies, my girl and my brother all standing in all as I started tearing my costume off of me in seconds.. having my tactical folder on me, my K-BAR TDI blade in my back, and a cane that was part of my costume which included a sword hidden inside the cane itself.. HMMM I was like look guys.. " you are both in the wrong.. leave it alone and go home" My girl started getting in my face and the other two guys.. Hmm imagine that.. a girl starting to get in between the ****!! I was pissed at this time..

I think I was more so mad at her than the other two guys.. Both said it was on to me.. I said bring it.. and next thing I said was " u TWo need to recognize as i quickly clicked open my tac folding blade.. OOOPS!!! but at this time it was GAME ON!! in my mind I was gonna cut both of them no matter what.. the two outnumbered me, and in my eyes it was deadly force issue.. When the blade came out the two quickly changed thier tunes and backed down.. i put the knife up and said " U need to recognize im not your punk *** white boy take your attitude down the street to someone you can punk out.. cause im not that guy".... The one guy quickly came to me as he was sorry and tried to hug me.. As I was not feeling that cause ididn't know him.. He quickly caught a right hook to the jaw I did not trust him.. Ipunched him straight in the face.. I told him " Im not your friend, your pal.. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ithink he realized quickly I was not Messing w/ him anymore.. his buddy as comical as it was, went from bad *** to "big *****" real fast.... NOW I felt they started crap w/ me and my family and friends for NO reason.. I was not about to settle for thier half *** appologies.. they made me mad.. i was ready to kill both of them... Does this make me BAD? A killer or a WARRIOR????


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