Fifth Son Staff



Mantis Guys please help!

Why Fifth Son? And not the 4Th or 3rd, is there a story behind this?

Anyways I just finished learning it, first time using a staff, the form is pretty hard, but feels good when it starts flowing.

Anyone with some staff experience, want to give me some general pointers? Any would help.


i dont think i know the 5th son staff form, but im sure theres a good story behind it. is that in the 7star system? does it have any "signature" techniques that might jar my memory, or a mandarin name?
I haven't heard of the 5th son form either. I'm going to have to research it a bit now! Like theneuhauser said, anything you could elaberate may help jar my memory as well. If you give me any basic principles may help as well.

Its from the WFH clan 7*PM, I know other lineage's have it, the first move after bowing in, is a right hand mantis grab into horse stance with the staff in the left hand, its listed as The Fifths Son Staff, my Sifu teaches it as 5th Brothers Staff, I have heard it also
as just the 7*staff form.

The Mandarin name is Wu Lang Gun

Has anyone learned a staff form in Mantis?

oh no, for a second there i thought that it might have been the wong fei hung clan (legend, or real man?).
wu lang gun-i know of it-isnt it usually performed with a long staff?
its closer to the right handed staff form from wah lum i think, i know that one, uses alot of over hand cross striking, right? switches ends alot without alot of twirling. but right handed stick begins with an up-thrust into a lunging stance with the left leg out, so there are some differences, at least.
and the standard staff form begins with a forward poke followed by the defensive two handed stance (cat stance with staff low and pointing slightly upward) and it goes immediately into a blocking and striking combo.
If I am not mistaken, this staff set is absorbed into the 7 Star PM via the Ching Wu connection. Fifth son refers to the Song dynasty Yang family Arm's Commander General Yang Ling gung's fifth son General Yang Wen Guang (aka Young Man Kwong) who took the formidable family spear skill and adapted it into staff skill. The full name of the form is Wu Lang Bagua Guan (Fifth son's 8 trigrams staff). Sometimes it goes under Wu Lang Guan or Bagua Guan for short. According to legend, he changed from using a spear to using a staff when he became a Buddhist monk. This form is quite popular in the martial art circle while the original spear techniques remain famous during Ming dynasty time (mention by General Chi) and modern time.

See I knew there was a story:D

What other boards do you post on? Any that are lively with mantis practitioners ?


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