Favorit Aikido technique?

Favorite Aikido technique

  • Ikkyo

  • Nikkyo

  • Sankyo

  • Yonkyo

  • Gokyo

  • Iriminage

  • Shihonage

  • Hijikiminage

  • Kotegashi

  • other, specify

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I choose kote gaeshi even though im not an aikido person but daito ryu is close enough. Shiho nage is also great fun, there are alot of possibilities there
Hey Spatulahunter,

I have a tape from Kondo Sensei where he demonstrates Irimi Nage,but it was from what I know through Aikido..... Shiho Nage. Is this how you were taught? Sorry to single you out,there's not many DRAJJ people around. I know they are two different arts,but am genuinely curious. Thanks. I think the tape was from the Ikkajo series,I'll have to rummage a bit,though.
irimi nage is like shiho nage but its not in a tachi stance instead it is handachi. When the uke is standing and the tori is seated it changes it just a little bit but for the most part they are the same technique. We also do another one in Hakko ryu that is almost the same but they call it yoko katate osae dori.

Now that you mention it, the technique was performed in the hanmi handachi set. Cool,thanks for the info!
I voted nikkyo, although Iriminage is a close second. I just like the pain of nikkyo.

We worked shihonage from seiza this past wednesday...man, does being grounded ever add to the leverage!! Sensei has discussed being "earthed" throughout our training and we've done suwari waza before but it's just never clicked to me until this week how big a difference it makes being that much lower than uke.