Hey guys, hoping someone on here can help me with this little problem... im trying to find some blueprints for a traditional japanese style dojo any help would be greatly appreciated
the book "Kyudo: The Way of the Bow" by Feliks Hoff has detailed plans for a kyudojo, that is, a kyudo (archery) dojo. Do karate and judo dojo standard dimensions in Japan?

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thanks for the info ill check out that book im assuming that since its a kyudo dojo it would be more of an elongated rectangle to accomidate the arrows but i could be wrong...

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thanks for the info ill check out that book and hope that it will give me a basic plan to start from... and ill try a posting under the JMA section also
Yes, the kyudojo has an open wall that lets one shoot into a large outside area. It's certainly different from a karate dojo.

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What a lark! The only thing that is standard in Japan is the fact that there are an incredibly small number of buildings that are used as full time training halls!

Most budoka that I have encountered here make use of alternate spaces, like gymnasiums, church halls, etc. There are some folks that have permanent dojo facilities, but they have ranged from itty-bitty to oh-my-God huge.

Your best bet is to just find a book on traditional Japanese architecture and interior decorating, not trying to find a "standard" dojo floorplan. There are some things that are part of a "traditional" dojo, but if you are studying a traditional style, you should already be aware of what those things are...
thanks for the input yiliquan un fortunately anything having to do with japanese architecture is pretty rare from what ive seen at least older stuff i have found tons of books on modern architecture and tons on shinto shrines and temples... and some on tea rooms but nothing pertaining to any kind of exercise hall or even a house... ive even been able to find some on furniture making which are really pretty cool... and the Oh my god huge dojo would be way out of what im looking for the area that i will be building on will only accomodate something 1000 square feet and under... ohhh also i have a period im looking for something around 15th and 16th century style... it just seems that unless its a castle or a shrine no one in the states is interested... but i shall continue my search....
Japanese architecture really isn't all that special for a dojo...

You can have an indoor one, or an outdoor one.

You can have hardwood floors (which, in a surprising twist, look exactly like Western hardwood floors), or tatami.

If you have tatami, you will be using a completely different method of measurement, so be sure you get accurate specs from your local, friendly, neighborhood tatami dealer.

And just a note, room sizes in traditional Japanese building are based on the number of tatami mats, not square feet/meters/etc., so you may be a little confused by some things if you manage to find certain kinds of floorplans.

Good luck!