Doing two things simultaneously


Purple Belt
Dec 23, 2017
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I probably should have named the title “doing many things simultaneously”

What amazes me about the FMA is the culturing of weapons moving simultaneously to accomplish a particular task. By weapons, I mean the whole body, plus whatever tool you’re holding. I’m really just now getting it after many years of being a student. My instructor probably like many good FMArtists, Masters and GMs, amazes us with his ability to do this. One hand blocking or parrying while the other is attacking only to switch roles at the sign of resistance, all the time using ghost like foot work to position himself to take you off balance. You think you’ve finally got him and he counters while taking you to the ground with a knife at your throat. These are not passive movements, you’ve tried to resist, but there is just too much going on. This art is meant to silence the attacker. Man O man I love this art. Hopefully I never really have to use it.