Do you need to hate your attacker?


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Apr 8, 2018
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One teacher in my past emphasized hating your attacker. Now to be fair, he was referring to somebody out on the streets who has attacked you without provocation who is trying to kill or rape you or both, a very serious situation to be sure. "You've got to hate!" he would say why we were doing our drills. This caused much tension and a feeling of being uncomfortable, even out and out anxiety on my part, and I do suffer from an anxiety, disorder, as I am a Christian, and it is clearly against the teachings of Jesus to hate anybody, even your enemy, in fact your supposed to love everyone, including your enemy. Is it necessary to hate your attacker, or can you merely be determined to stop the attack by any means necessary, running if at all possible without hating your attacker? Does hatred actually give you the edge you need to survive, or is this teacher something of a radical in his philosophy? (Well, I think he is something of a radical, but that's an aside) All opinions appreciated.
I think it's important not to confuse aggression and intent with emotions. Real confrontations are unlikely to last more than 10 seconds. You don't have time to formulate such emotions in that time. You should focus on aggression not hate. It is possible to be a brutal opponent without letting emotions become involved.