DF: Womens self defense, or MMA grappling?

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Sep 11, 2006
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Womens self defense, or MMA grappling?
By TigerClaw - 12-30-2008 01:59 AM
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Hello all,

I want you to consider a smaller woman comes into your club, how would you teach her quickly to survive a assault or rape situation? I do not think that they are going to want to roll around on the floor with a grappler. Kung Fu has quick effective ways to escape. I have been saying all along. They need to attack the vital areas in close quarter attacks. This is the best escape for women, and to use the element of surprise as well.

Here is a few videos I saw on the net. I know the woman may or may not be using Kung Fu , but she has the right direction for a smaller woman. Watch how many times she attacks the groin, or eyes, or throat, or twist the neck etc. I am not saying she is some great martial artist. But the point I am making is that women should be able to escape fast from an attacker, and I would not want to see them train for years in grappling only to be overcome by a larger grappler. By the way many of these same techniques can work for women on the ground in a grappling situation, or for men as well.

YouTube - Fierce and Female

YouTube - Vital Point Attacks in Women's Self Defense : Women's Self Defense: Eye Attack

YouTube - Vital Point Attacks in Women's Self Defense : Women's Self Defense: Groin Strikes

Notice in this second clip that the Wing Chun teacher uses language that I have been using for a long time, he says strike the eyes and groin. I think anyone who is familiar with survival combat fighting and not just sport fighting will immediately see the reality of such defenses.

YouTube - Self-Defense for Women : Women's Self-Defense: Defending Against Mounts


And this is the mess that happens to a woman when she tries to go the non combative route. But I have to say one good thing for the teacher he did say to attack the vital points when the opportunity presents itself.



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