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Sep 11, 2006
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MMA sport fighting and Kung Fu combative.
By TigerClaw - 12-23-2008 01:15 AM
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Hello again, I am hoping that all can agree that MMA sport type fighting in a ring with rules is very different than Kung Fu combative survival fighting. I just want to post a few examples of what i am talking about watch these videos and see it from a sport perspective and then a combative one.

YouTube - Rickson Gracie vs. Koichiro Kimura (fight and backstages)


0:18-0:25 a kung fu fighter would quickly kick the groin and then strike the eyes

0:32 a kung fu fighter would attack the groin area in this opening.

0:44 if a Kung Fu man was in the Gracie position he would claw the face , eyes etc, and use his left and right hand for such attacks, and twisting of the neck, no playing on the ground

1:16 to the end of the fight if a kung fu fighter was in the gracie position the opponent would be very seriously hurt kin real combat. His head neck spine, and other vital areas in the back of the neck were very exposed. A dangerous position for any man to be in.

Heres another one,

YouTube - Royce G. vs Gerard G.

4;21, a Kung Fu fighter would have shifted his left leg to the right side and offset the balance of Gracies attack causing him to fall to the ground, Gracie lifted his right leg therby supporting his whole body with his back leg. The other fighter was not in a good stance for such a defense. Gracies leg could have also been grabbed just before he tried the shoot in.

4:23, as Gracie shoots in a kung fu man would have instantly attacked the face and eyes here, or the neck.

4:32 a Kung Fu fighter would have clawed his face right here and fish hooked with the left hand from behind, catching the inside eyelids or the mouth and torquing back

4:45 a kung fu man would have kneed gracie very hard upward and into the groin area here also in 4:52 the same move

4:53 a kung fu man would have used his right arm to wrap inside of gracies head locking the jaw or inside pf the lip and eyelids and torquing up and back. This is a very dangerous move and can hurt the neck .

5:06 to 5:19 a kung fu fighter would have clawed gracies face very quickly and attacked the throat and neck.

5:15-19 if gracie was a kung fu man there you can see how he puts his hands on the face of the opponent, this would have been very dangerous for the opponent if it was a kung fu combat technique, his eyes and face would be clawed and gouged. Look at 5:17 Gracie even has his hands on the face of the opponent. This is the difference of sport to combat fighting, right there. But even in the sport fighting we see when gracie puts his fingers in the eyes of the opponent the opponent changes position allowing gracie to do a different technique.

5:37 -49 if gracie was a kung fu fighter in combat there the opponent would have many attacks to his face back of his spine, neck and other vital areas.

There are many other techniques that can be done for such fighting, but I was just pinpointing some basic defenses.

I am also by no means trying to say that these fighters are not good fighters, they are, but I am just trying to show the different mindset of combative fighting and sport fighting. This really should be a easy thing to agree with. I know some will say, "But you cannot do those things from the positions they are in ete". But look again, closely with the combative survival mindset and see what I am talking about.

Ok, thats good for now. I hope to post more if needed to show this point.

Now, let the mockery and attacks begin. Or let the full agreement be stated.

Jubaji, you have no need to comment. Your response is already expected.


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Oct 13, 2006
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MMA is a sport why make comparisons with self defence?
It's like comparing the javelin event in the Olymics with Masai warriors who throw to kill.
Everyone understands that there's a difference.