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Sep 11, 2006
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More Kali DVDs
By MasterKaliSilat - 12-15-2008 05:53 AM
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My favorite study is of the Philippine Arts & Sciences we call Kali Silat, Eskrima, Escrima, and a dozen or so other names, including Silat. Why?

Simplicity & Choice. Do what you learn from your friends, not enemies? Of course not all Asians are. However, the Filipino shares openly. It is the path to learn more, and thus sharing what you understand, then practice more of what you like. Why? Try all the weapons, find what you like, do what you do, sort of taking the alphabet and making words, the Philippine Arts give the stroke of the brush to you! Take the foundation, work and practice what you like. So you practice more? Yes, and take from the archive of hidden secretes, of Kali Silat of Suryadi Jafri, RIP '98 - See his Archives produced by P. Greg Alland. - See Kali Silat everywhere. Kali Silat is the one art that has shown up in almost every martial art school today. Then visit A Kali, Arnis, Pencak Silat, Site for Self Defense, Seminars, Videos, Newsletters of these Indonesia / Malaysia / Philippine Martial Arts for more information on the system approach of study that has been selling on the internet since it's inception back in 1993 or so.

Some of these have material on the early days of Pekiti Tirsia, Doce Pares, & Dekiti Tirsia, Arnis Pangasinang, they in combination make up SinaTirsiaWali concepts and practices of the older Flipino Masters, now in their eighties and some in their nineies. "Keep practicing and you always will." Suryadi Jafri 1977.


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