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Sep 11, 2006
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New York City - Kali Silat - Philippines
By MasterKaliSilat - 09-30-2008 09:02 AM
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Recently some of my students attended a program of Kali by International Modern Arnis Master Ramey Presis, Jr., Balintawak with Grand Master Tobota, and Tuhon. - All were astounded by the display put on by my students, and the comments on Sinawali, by these masters, "never before seen." 188 strikes of the SinaTirsiaWali", everyone had positive comments. Everyone there was impressed by these three devoted students of the SinaTirsiaWali concept derived from Dekiti Tirsia in it's origin and from Doce Pares concepts, I studied both, and was responsible for helping others to realize the necessity of promoting these arts back in the 70's during my third visit to the Philippines and my first in Cebu City.

Why are we different in Kali Silat? Because you take the material and make it your own, like any martial art experience. We read and write the same way. After we learn the alphabet, we make the word, the sentence, and the story. Get the idea? After enough practice of the foundation, given out freely by many, many masters and grand masters that introduced this culture to the real world, you are the difference that you make for yourself. "How else can you do it?" A question asked by my first teacher back in the early 70's and I never forgot those words, especially when they were reinforced by Doce Pares masters and grand masters during my first visit to Cebu.

Today the information that surrounds Kali Silat is too simplistic because so many many individuals that learned the real stuff went out on their own, broke away from there teacher(s) to some extent and they became their teacher's competitor.

Well there's no need to do that, we are revealing all the secrets that surround the "hidden" material. When you learn how, it's simple, find out how else you can do it. Take and combine the footwork, body mechanics for power, and Sinawali, the way of striking, and you will get the answers. And, you'll get that experience from me, and from my students. We all share, so we all can continue to grow. Others don't always reveal the truth, because everyone protects the material, and they remain the teacher, and you the student.

I became like Great Grand Master Peter Urban that first introduced karate in America, I was responsible for helping others to do the same in these Philippine Martial Arts back in 77 I met 22 masters and grand masters from the region. If you want it, you get it, and great things happen to those that practice for the rest of your life, "never stop", an idea that was shared with me by several of the Great Grand Masters of the Canete family back in 77 and 79, 89 and recently May/June of 2008.

That's why we're again bringing a group to the Philippines to train, like the old days. Just cover the costs for training with the grand masters in the Philippines, flight, hotel, travel, and some meals included, and you can be there, in the Philippines training like the pros do. Now it's even in Lunata Park, Manila, every Saturday and Sunday. You'll also get the experience of many of the real masters in Kali Silat by studying with us at UP (University of the Philippines) Los Banos, Philippines, then on to Cebu, then back to the park.

Cebu is the heart of Arnis, Kali, Eskrima, and Doce Pares is where it's happening, you'll meet and train with the real Grand Masters, guaranteed, and they will share their wealth of knowledge with you. I guarantee your satisfaction, if you've got the guts to train in the Philippines, now is the time. You'll never have another opportunity like this to study with the leaders that began to promote Kali Silat world wide, from Doce Pares, and International Modern Arnis, and of course the root of our training, Dekiti Tirsia. Come with us September 7 to 21st, 2009. 14 days of the greatest experience of your entire life!

Prepare yourself now; we'll be conducting classes in NYC's Chinatown, Saturdays and Sundays, and at $10.00 a class still. I remember one student was really puzzled because he heard from others that I didn't know it, and was just in it for the money. Back then I gave a 4 hour lesson for that $10.00 while others were charging the same for two hours, and you couldn't ask questions! Now classes are 3 hours long, and of course you can always ask questions. How can you learn if your not allowed to ask questions, that's just the usual way you're treated with the teacher really doesn't want you to learn, and sadly it still exists today. So I'm committed to real change, want to see first hand, visit us in NYC in the park, or in Virginia Beach, at Hybrid Academy, and I'm there every March and September for an intense 5-day program for instructors. See you then, please visit us at A Kali, Arnis, Pencak Silat, Site for Self Defense, Seminars, Videos, Newsletters of these Indonesia / Malaysia / Philippine Martial Arts for more, start saving now, and by September 2009, you have find youself in the Philippines with us. Mabuhay.


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