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Sep 11, 2006
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Grandmasters, Where, Philippines
By MasterKaliSilat - Mon, 20 Aug 2007 00:08:41 GMT
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Development of Kali Silat from the 60s to the early 703 then in 1977 a caucus and by 1989 a proclamation for Kali Silat development of instructional programs in 1987 by delegates of Philippine Embassy and participation of Philippine Organizations. So encouraged, by the embassy in Washington DC, and later ratified by their public support in 2002 and 2004 for and with Grand Master Tortal at the Philippine Embassy, in Washington DC.

Visit YouTube.
Part 2 contains a nice short on the empty hands, its quite simple, yet very profound so I put part 2 here, but look at part one and enjoy.

Excellent choice of development tools precedes the popularity of Kali Silat, as was shown on the History Channel repeatedly since August 10th, 2007 of both my teachers. It was especially refreshing to see Grand Master Diony Canete of Doce Pares. Thats where I learned the value of this training from Doce Pares System, as I know many well-known masters and grand master look specifically at Doce Pares. This was the first group that was training the security team for the presidents of the Philippines, and came to my house in 1976. So heres the story of Kali Silat during the 70's, 80's, 90's 2000, until now. The facts of development in America and throughout the world, everyone is affected by these arts and sciences, by the research of the Way of Life, handed down from father to son, in every culture.

From the days of the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90', 2000, until now. Kali Silat is what it's supposed to be, see youtube link 2nd interview, Video. As Grand Master Dionisio said in his video statement on the progress of Filipino Martial Arts, we call Kali Silat in 1993, "this attention to Kali Silat was introduced by Greg, for the betterment of Filipino world wide. It was Greg that we listed when In 1977 he informed 22 members of the Filipino Martial Arts Community from the southern group of islands of many systems, and the many members of Kali Silat throughout the Philippines agreed that we should pursue this course of the development of Kali Silat, world wide." Featuring my second teacher in Kali Silat, Grand Master Canete, when in 1977 they shared the essence of their purpose in the organization of the Filipino martial arts, by Filipino martial arts we shall learn, through sharing these art among ourselves." Yes, GM Canete said that, because he know the purpose was to get every Filipino that was interested to participate in the development of these skills for the purpose of developing a peaceful solution to every conflict. These are the ways of the Filipino, things you'll learn when you train in the Philippines, in the country of origin, you experience what the Filipino learns, to be strong, carry 100 X 1 bag of rice, all days for 12 hours when you got off early. Learn strength, then be flexible. Important concept of all martial arts.

It was Grand Master Dionisio Canete, lead me to understand why and how we make progress. "Greg, there is no substitution for practice.", circa 1977. "It's a fact, if you practice, you get good. There's no other way. I travel all over these islands, Eskrima is everywhere, some call it escrima, some Doce pares meaning 12 brothers, or 12 friends, or 8 brothers and 4 friends as was Doce Pares Club, formed in 1932. With a substantial membership of 32 groups participate in recognition of the many systems of Arnis, Kali and Eskrima, now matter what we call it by every name, it's our indigenous cultural art, meaning survival of our culture, that we as Filipinos must now again share, so Kali, Arnis, Eskrima, and Doce Pares amongst the many members of the Filipino communities world-wide continue to grow in these arts and sciences, in that what was the community on the Island of Mactan, it was Filipino people that were the fierce warriors that meant the difference between survival and slaughter.

For these communities it led the way of all Filipino in every land, from the furthest north, the furthest south, the furthest from every where. It is Filipino, it's got to be good. To each his own in satisfaction, and let's let the world in our these special arts and sciences that also are from the indigenous Filipino, especially in the Philippines. See you there in June / July 20008. GM Dionisio Canete, circa 1977.

A strong influence in these arts and sciences has allowed me to understand what it is and why you carry a weapon, of some sorts, something you can use, if you've ever really had to save your life by the taking of another." In conversation with P. Greg Alland.

Positive statements by GM Canete powers that will move these arts to a new dimension of art and science. We all know it especially seeing him on the opening of the Philippine version of the Human Weapon, by and
is words. This was a powerful revelation, since I remember the words of my first teacher during the development stages of Kali Silat, this art will move as no other." As Tuhon Leo put it, "we will be all over the world, Greg, it's up to you to get the support of those influential individuals in the Philippines, that will share there culture with you. You will have there attention, more than I." The reason being is history.

And it was true, and as I continue to look around from the times of my training from then until now, as I continue to practice I believe and understand what, Tuhon said as regards to the plan, "We'll have a lot of controversy, because it will help our growth and development, it's like free publicity, it'll circulate around." Yet, what I have learned from the brilliance of Tuhon Gaje, it was just as he predicted, "Kali is everywhere, and so will I, be." And with the controversy, we have abundant reach, but little essence. We've seen them all this system and that, they are all good, they all have the same purpose to survive, mentally, physi9cally and spiritually. But, I've also found out in my studies that brilliance is not always smart, but smart is always brilliant.

GM Dionisio Canete, as see on Human Weapon, Eskrima, 'This has got to be the most effective means of defense in the street..... cite person. "It is through Greg that I was referred to and led me to create a presence of "Doce Pares", by way of my seminar programs in the United States by GM Cacoy Canete in 1978, and several years until now, with seminars continuing in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, and many other countries as well. (video )

Dates for Philippine Tours - To Be Anno 2008 - 2009 SCHEDULE

ESKRIMA KALI TRAINING BONANZA Come fly with us and experience the real adventure in Kali, Arnis, Eskrima. Thank you for your kind assistance. Visit us at Http://KaliSilat.org

Regards, P. Greg Alland, Executive Director World Kali Silat Society


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