DF: Can BJJ work in a real fight??????


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Dec 17, 2008
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I think part of the BJJ vs others tit for tat comes from the "I'll put them to sleep" mentality as the answer to all problems you get fro some BJJ guys. Ive seen it on here and Ive seen it in real life talking to guys that I know that train. To be fair most of these guys either dont really train or dont train seriously. The put them to sleep or snap their elbow talk is just that talk. On the flip side the same can be said for the "My arts too deadly" or "Ill rip out his throat" nonsense. So just as much as your point that guys commenting here dont know much or anything about BJJ the same is true of other pro-BJJ members talking about other arts.

and ...

Except the only time I've ever heard anyone talk about ripping out throats and being "too deadly" is when a non karate guy is taking shots at a karate guy. Just like when someone tells me there answer to a fight is put someone to sleep. Both are nonsense. As a cop I roll up and your choking someone out or already choked someone out guess who I'm locking up for a felony assault

These were the points Ballen made and labeled as nonsense. You picked up on them as if they were fact.

To be fair, there's far more examples of putting someone to sleep in a SD situation or a fight than ripping someone's throat out, because its far easier to choke someone out than to rip their throat out.

So when a BJJ exponent says they could choke someone out in a SD situation or a fight, I tend to believe them. The other group saying that their art is "too deadly" and could rip people's balls or adam's apple from their bodies are claims I just can't take seriously.

Nobody made those claims.

There's plenty of vids throughout web showing people getting choked out in fights. Its fairly common, even among people who are not trained because the headlock is so well known among the populace.

I have yet to see one where I guy gets his throat or balls ripped out.

No. I'm saying that going for a choke in a SD or a fight is a viable method, since its not difficult to choke someone out, especially if you're trained.

Ripping out throats and testicles is pure fantasy.

In short, a Purple, Brown, or Black belt in Bjj is fully capable of choking someone out, and even breaking limbs. A martial artist ripping out throats and testicles? Not a chance.

Aren't these nonsense remarks being directed at MAs other than BJJ guys?

The issue though is that unless you're training 12 hours a day, everyday, there's no way you can become proficient in grappling, chokes, punches, and kicks. I also know that a lot of arts use kata for a huge chunk of training time, making it even more difficult for the average student to master every aspect of fighting. The only people who are logically able to do it are professional MMA fighters. A guy practicing for a few hours a week in a dojo might get exposed to some holds and chokes, but its highly doubtful they'll become proficient in them. Definitely not at the level of exponents who specialize in that form of fighting (Bjj/Judo/Sambo/etc.) On the flip side, I'm probably not as good with my punches and kicks as a karateka or kickboxer.

In my old karate dojo it was used to pad training time, break up stance, kicking, and punching drills, and to make the belt examinations longer than they needed to be. I'm sure in superior Karate schools it has a much more benign purpose, but most dojos aren't like that unfortunately.

Agreed, here you specified your karate dojo. The rest of your comments slag off at all the schools that employ kata. The reason I take offence is that at a higher level of understanding than you possess, kata is karate. Every time you dis kata you are dissing karate, so it is not just your old school.

Well actually that wouldn't be a good equivalent since we all know that Bjj works on the ground and isn't a waste of time, and we all know of MA schools that purposely use kata in order to pad training time and belt examinations. Unless you want to pretend that McDojos don't exist.

Where did I mention a style? All I was saying is that there are many MA schools out there that are churning out subpar martial artists and they're using kata to mask that ineffectiveness. We call them McDojos or Belt factories.

I would have thought the phrase "my karate dojo" implicated only the karate dojo I trained at, not karate in general.

No. I would have thought you have done a fair job of bagging all other MAs and karate in particular.

Anyway, the Kata discussion is better served elsewhere. There's no need to drag this discussion off topic.

True, but who took us off topic?

Or maybe you're just overly sensitive?
Oh, I am sensitive. Most people would consider me a SNAG.


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Jul 2, 2006
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Let's not let this thread devolve into another catastrophe. Leave the shots, leave the insults... stay on topic, and let's debate the issues, not he poster, OK?


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Nov 25, 2013
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BJJ can be about surviving on the ground, getting back up from the ground and not going to the ground......


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Apr 19, 2013
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Epic thread. Personally speaking, I would think that the reason for taking an opponent down would be to roll him over, strike..... retreat to cover, then reassess. Anyway, interesting reading!