Dennis Hannover


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Apr 18, 2008
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Inland Empire, CA
I remember I watched the Human Weapon episode on Krav Maga and as a military man I took every scrap of knowledge I could from it.

(Briefly my own martial arts background: Tae Kwon Do as a teenager (11-13), Western Boxing (19-21 years old), Wing Chun (22-24 years old), Army Combatives (present day).) Presently I've been bitten by the jiu jitsu bug after going through Navy Individual Augmentee Training at FT Sill, OK (training sailors how to be soldiers for those of us assigned as support for Army units, like myself). I occasionally train in BJJ with a couple NCOs in my battalion when our schedules permit. I intend to take up MMA as a hobby when I get back stateside after I've completed my transfer from the Navy to either the US Army or Army National Guard.

I really liked the philosophy of Dennis Hannover, with training at Masada (training in a definitely no frills gym, practical self defense and the like). Did Mr. Hannover write any books or anything else on Krav Maga?