Crisis in America, can we help as martial artists?


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May 6, 2006
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trueaspirer said:
The world is screwed up. Frankly, there's not much one person(or a small group of people) can do about it. Either the world will sort out its own problems, or this whole world is going to go down the drain.
We can, though, do something about it, at least slow it down a little, yeah.

If people will pull their heads out the sand and look with their own eyes you'd be surprised what can happen. The problem is the nature of the blame game, if I blame others it removes me from responsibility. We can't save the world, nor can we slow it down.

All we can do is take responsibility for ourselves and control the path we are on now. Other will either follow behind or not as individuals it is not our place to deside right from wrong, only follow the tents of our faithes...