Comfort Zone

What is your comfort zone

  • Kicking Range

  • Punching Range

  • Elbow and Knee Range

  • Grappling

  • Ground Fighting

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What Range would the hand held weapon range be?

Sword - staff just outside of Kicking.

Short sword - Stick/cane Kicking to punching.

Knife - Punching to Elbow/knees.

Just some questions on this thread ;~)

Have a nice day

Outer/kicking range: I feel good.

Middle/boxing range: I feel better.

Inner/elbow & knee range: I feel the best!

Grappling range: Help! I want out!
Originally posted by Rich Parsons

What Range would the hand held weapon range be?

Sword - staff just outside of Kicking.

Short sword - Stick/cane Kicking to punching.

Knife - Punching to Elbow/knees.

Just some questions on this thread ;~)

Have a nice day


Depending on the sword. If its japanese (katana) it's OK. If its an old broadsword from the good old vikings, nope...not good.

But if I pick the weapon it has to be the short stick and knife.

I have long arms and short legs so I like to be in close so the taller opponents cant unload a kick as easily while I can.( Most people are taller than me :mad: )
I would have to leave enough range So I can use my kicks
and if I'm being rushed I move to the side and go for a open
area. most of the time in colse range I keep my hand up to
block incoming attacks so I thrust elbows and knees colse up
and if my opponent try to retreat I hit em with a spining back
round house kick thats very fast and powerful.

Thank you


" The fastest way to your opponent weakness is through their
heart and mind"
Under my quilt on a chilly night...
Snuggling with my wife...
Stretching after a great meal...

all of these are "comfort zones"

If I find that I must use what I've learned from my Sifu to protect myself or another...I am most uncomfortable...and most likely will do whatever needs to be done at ANY range...

To bad you had to choose only one, cause I feel comfortable with punching to elbow/knee to grappling to groundfighting. The only range I don't like Kicking range. Short arms and legs not good for someone with longer reach than you. I picked grappling range.
Bob :asian:
well years of soccer have ingrained in me two basic martial instincts.

1: kick it.

2: headbut it.

actualy I prefer to stay outside in the punching range and use kicks to control my opoonant's movement and jab hook comboes to enter. I'm ok in elbo/knee if I can establish dominance on the way in, and my only advantage in standing grappling or a ground fight is alot of grapplers niglect some opertunities to strike (wich I take advantage of). basicly if I get to grappaling I'm gona wana headbut and knee untill my opponant stops moving.
,,,is what I put down but it actually depends on the environment and the opponent. If I'm fighting on slick ground or fighting someone who is much bigger then me, I'll go for a shoot toward his legs to take him to the ground. If I'm fighting someone of comparable size to me, I'll try to keep the fight within a punch or knee and elbow range. I'm not much a kicker so I would consider that my challenge zone, which is where I'll have problems with.
My comfort range is most definitely punching.. with each block a strike and each strike a block it works best for me.. I like to charge and using good fast footwork keep out of range of my opponents kicks and punches. .watch and take the opening when they are kicking.. and when the kick comes in.. generally I get right under their leg and (in sparring we just stop and they realize what I would do in reality) over they would go.. and that's another place I'm comfortable with. .on the ground.. I will go into Jiu jitsu mode quite happily :)
Just bumping an old thread. :uhyeah:
Cuddles are good. This is why I like grappling range. I wouldn't like to try to outpunch a 300 lb guy, but throwing one is nice and easy.

Still, if I was any good on the ground then I'd prefer there, because there is no luck on the ground, only skill.
Interesting poll. I would have to also say that Kicking range is my least comfortable. (not counting Colt 45 range) :)
My training is TKD so kicking range is definitely my "comfort" zone.
This is also since I have more lower body strength, and long legs. I have had alot of self defense technique training too so I'm not uncomfortable in close range either. The question is "comfort zone" -- its "more comfortable" to be out of any range.
i would rather be fighting on the ground or at a very close range
It really depends on who I'm fighting. I love them all, but I guess if I can finish a fight in the kicking zone, It's less dangerouse for me, So I like to kick.
It's too bad the poll doesn't allow for some overlap of the ranges. I'll throw kicks well into my punching range. (Best way not to let them see it coming.) I suppose if I was being attacked and feared for my safety, long range would be preferred.
I would have said "Elbow and Knee" range...

But latley, working on the "idea" of using the space around your opponent... Hmmm... I have to say, Im most comfortable at ANY range to the sides and behind my opponent where it is hard for him to hit me!


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