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Nov 3, 2002
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I'm 17yrs old, no job but I'm looking for one in order to train.

I'd like to ask for some help to the veterans and people that just been here already. I'm really interested in CMA (Chinese Martial Arts) the internal(neijia) and external (weijia) arts. I mostly like the internal and the internal/external styles, I don't really like just external or mostly external because I myself am tall but then skinny/slim, even though I'm kinda strong but I wouldn't be any challenge to somebody big and strong, so I don't like going force with force, I'd like the easier way (internal) but I know it takes more time.

I want to find a martial art or style and teacher, that will teach me the martial art concept, I wanna learn it for self-defense, combat oriented, no sport, no tournaments, for myself, for the ones that need help (or to help ones needed), for protection, for better health, hopefully or maybe it will also teach some fitness exercise, because I remember to be a good fighter you must be in shape. The better in shape the better the fighter right.

Some other things I'd like to add. I would like to learn a style quick if possible, because I'm not sure how long I will be living here, so I'd like to learn self-defense and have some knowledge of the benefits I've post about and some of these. but it doesnt matter if I don't learn it quick, I just like to learn something that gets to its point and no drama.

Tactics of all possible punches, kicks, chokes and holds, wrestling, grappling, and ground work, fist and street fighting, defense against multiple opponents, sparring, all components of close contact and distance confrontations, emphasis on continuous attack, economy of motion and unpredictable moves

Joint-Locks / joint locking
Pressure Points
Holds / Throws
Strikes / Punches / Punching
Kicks / Kicking / Leg Strikes
Vital Areas/Points Strikes (Striking Vital Areas/Points)
Blocks, Blocking, Invade, Counter-Attacks
Chokes , Conditioning, Self-Defense (realistic)
Health , Body, Mind, Spirit, Concentration, Focus, Fit (Fitness, Toning, Strength) , Exercise,

Striking, Kicking, Grappling, Punching, Pressure-points, Joint-locks(locking), throws, pins, health beneficials, healing, internal

That's what I'm looking for. Like a whole package of everything, but NO SPORTS.

Anyways, as you can see where I live, if anyone knows anyone that can help me or such , is much appreciated, I also like to add that after I get a job, I am interested in purchasing the crossbow to start gaining some muscles, because I have a fast metabilism so that means I eat eat eat eat, and I don't gain weight as much and fast as other ppl do. Thats why I'm a Skinny/Slim/healthy/athletic boy, 6'2ft.tall , I weigh about 140lb to be exact. I don't have any disease, I don't have nothing, I'm perfectly healthy, no anemia, no asthma, nada. Just skinny.

Anyone can contact me also on Aim, Yahoo, Msn, Icq, Aol . I'm open for opinions. To end this with some sense, I'd like to find some places online where I can learn about different styles if possible, if not some of you guys may be as help to me.

Well, thats all for now. But I really appreciate your help and all your time. It would really mean a lot to me for help... Take Care


My standard advice for a situation like this is to go look at the studios around you and pick the best one based on which one looks best. IE which one is clean and profesional, which one is more than kun fu day care, where are the students happy, do the students stay for a long period of time, does the training look realistic to you or a load of crap, are they training the way you want to train or is it all tournament point sparring etc.

Hope that was helpful.


Originally posted by Elfan
My standard advice for a situation like this is to go look at the studios around you and pick the best one based on which one looks best.

I agree. You can love a specific art, but if it isn't near you or you don't like the teacher or school near you it won't matter. Try out the schools to see which one's fit your personality and desires. Most schools offer a few trial lessons for minimal money.


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