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May 25, 2016
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That you need to be structurally in a better position than the other guy.

Force flow kind of explains this by giving and recieving energy with a whole bunch of sensitivity concepts.
Personally, I view it as the ability to adapt to changes based upon the concepts. To not be restrained by a shape/technique that embodies a concept, but concepts that can enliven a shape/technique.

drop bear

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Feb 23, 2014
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That's pretty much a requirement for success in any sort of fighting. Though sometimes even the lesser skilled fighter can get lucky.

Yeah. If some of our guys wanted someone against a wall then they are going to stay there. And they have described force flow as full retard.

But you sometimes have to get these concepts across in some pretty strange ways.

I was helping people with their double leg the other day. And the amount of pain and anguish that goes into having the correct structure and energy when trying to do it right is phenomenal.


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Aug 23, 2014
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I think the problem with that analogy is that arm bars are regularly pulled off in MMA competition against people who know how to defend them. I haven't seen the force flow except in application demos.

Yea probably wasn't the best analogy lol. But I just mean people who know wrestling have their own sort of force flow which is really good, you can't just throw around a wrestler, but it lets us compete and win against them. If some guy on the street who doesn't train just attacked me I think I would throw him around much easier.

Just the same as all WSL VT we have seen is Chi sao or unrealistic " sparring".