Chi - Ki - Qi?

Jan 13, 2008
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It's possible to use Ki energy. I don't know where better but I heard that males should do it at sunset and sunrise but females at midnight and/or midday that is when the sun is in the center of the sky.

Yesterday was my first real Ki meditation. I turned on this Tibetan mantra because it is affecting you and your mental strength becomes bigger. and made a Ki ball that I could really feel the energy was pushing my hands away and it was hard to get them together. Also I was practicing pyrokinesis by looking at the flame and bending it left and right. To do that you need to imagine energy around, inside you and make some tunnel that are connected to the flame then you need to be really concentrated to the flam and bend it with your sight slowly moving left or right. To me it took about 20 minutes and in end of that extinguished candle with Ki. How do I know it was Ki? I had try it many times before on the same candle without Ki and no matter how close I pushed hand I couldn't blow out it.

I hope this will be helpful to some of you. :yoda:May the Ki be with you.

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