Century BOB/BOB XL vs Wavemaster XXL Durability


Nov 7, 2017
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Southeast U.S.
Had several Wavemaster XXLs...Everyone of them broke at the pedestal.
Have 3 BOB XLs that are holding up very well. We only use them with our teens and lower level adults as they are learning to strike with good fundamentals and power then move on to the heavy bags only. Kicking on the BOB bare legged is rough on the skin until the skin becomes tempered compared to the heavy bags. Heavy strikers make the BOBs move around, turn, and get knocked over. What I have been very happy with is the amount of power strikes using rattan sticks our FMA students have punished them with and absolutely no damage to them.
I have seen the same problem with both. We have one of each at our main Dojang. On the Century I drilled 3/4"
through-holes in line with the height notches, bought some 3/4" dowel material and made a simple wodden pin. I screwed a drawer pull on one side and drilled a hole and use a cheap lynch pin to hold it in the hole at the desired height. Has held up for about 9 months without problems. I do see some wear at the holes though.
My biggest knock on weighted floor bags is that you cannot do hard linear kicks on them or they topple. Has anyone figured a workaround? This issue in increased when using liquid for weight.