BW training Q's


Tony Starks

I have a few Q's on BW exercises, i currently know of a few programs of BW training that are suppose to be pretty good and they are:

1. Body By Fish (

2. Bas Rutten's conditioning tape series

3. Matt Freuy's combat conditioning

Now i heard good and bad things about these programs. I just wanted to know if any of u folks have tried either of these programs and how u liked them, also if u have tried another BW program that worked feel free to drop the name and results by.

any info would be appreciated,
Out of curiosity, why are you only interested in Body Weight programs?
well the reason why i am interested in BW prog's is mainly because im a starving college student and most of the gyms around here are pretty high up there, also im struggling to pay for my martial art training. Another reason is i hate going to the gym, not sure why, i just dont like going.

Hmm too bad your college doesn't provide you with some sort of gym, most of them do.

I can understand why you don't like them though, some werid people there.
Go with Body by Fish (a.k.a. "Scrapper"). He has posted a lot of FREE info on his site. Matt Furey's 'Combat Conditioning' exercises are also great, but they are not free.

I don't like working out a the gym either. I prefer to workout a home. I do all bodyweight. I only own 3 pieces of equipment: a power tower (a piece of equipment that allows me to do pull-ups, dips, and push-ups); an ab wheel (the old school version, NOT the newer versions like the 'ab roller' and such); and a wrist roller. In the future, I'll invest in some resistance bands to add more 'weight' to my routines.

Much success to you and your training my friend.