But you're not a black belt.

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Aug 7, 2009
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You might want to discuss that with Benson Henderson (TKD BB) who just defended his title against Nate Diaz (known for his boxing).

Tippie-tappie boxers are, I would guess, just as common (or uncommon) as tippie-tappie TKDians.

Why would I want to discuss this with him? I never said that ALL TKD's are tippie-tappers.

And no, Boxing gyms.....IN GENERAL..... are a lot more brutal in terms of frequency for sparring with 100% power for full KO's....much more than TKD schools. Even MMA don't spar for KO's as often as Boxing gyms do.


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May 19, 2010
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Understandable, I probably would too. My friend used to be in a gang. Pretty standard for new immigrants who would flock to certain areas of poor neighborhoods where there's lots of friction with the established Blacks there. His gang used to go out looking for fights. He had access to all kinds of drugs and indulged in them all. His favorite was PCP and Meth...said it allowed him to train like a madman with his TKD/HKD + Boxing. Then they'd go out looking for trouble. He had a death wish pretty much. And he wasn't the craziest guy neither...that guy did get murdered.

He's been shot 3x in 3 separate firefights. The big one, where the thugs said they're coming back with guns. He and his cousin waited for them at their grocery store. He, his father and an employee got shot. His family basically lost all of whatever wealth they had + went into serious debt from that shootout as their State didn't condone such and tried to prosecute him for public endangerment, etc... plus the employee that got shot, sued them.

See, this is your problem... you have it all mapped out based on what some SD instructor(s) sold you in a seminar and DVD's afterward. Not every streetfight nor situation have to be some Mortal Kombat death match. Many of his fights were him punching out a customer that got lippy at his grocery store in a bad neighborhood. They'd go outside to settle it and he'd punch them in the face. Before they made money with the store, they lived in the ghettos. Blacks would call him the C-word and he would call them the N-word, and they'd fight. It doesn't take much to get into a showdown with someone in a bad neighborhood, now imagine calling them the N-word. He said he'd called someone this in a crowded theater, etc. full of Black people. He lived for this. He says he would hit the loudest N first and many times, the rest backs down (unless he was way outnumbered or they had weapons).

He fought other Asians too. He got jumped by 5 small Chinese guys once. He said he got hit more, but said they ran after seeing that he didn't show any signs of giving up. The 5's ring leader was the younger brother of a Kung-Fu master near my house that I've known for over 20 years. That guy (the younger brother) also beat up a couple of Black kids who made fun of him at my middle school when he was an FOB. I mean he really beat the crap out them. He wasn't there during the 5-on-1 jump though.

It's been a long time and now he's cleaned up, has a family and made millions during the mortgage lending boom 10 years ago or so. He visited me at a Boxing gym in a Black neighborhood a few months ago and the manager there later asked me WTF is your friend's problem coming in here with an attitude like that (when the manager tried to sell him a membership)? I LMAO, he's still got it.

WOW a former meth super street thug in over 50 fights who none
Fights Chinese kungfu gangs and grocery store customers. But IT
Gets better he is now a millionare. I knew gang members
As well none were in over 50 Fights they were dead or serving life term sentences.
So again your millionare meth thug story is the biggest ******** story
I ever read on this site.


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Oct 13, 2006
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Tez3, you disappoint me. I thought that with all of your alleged, wealth of martial arts knowledge, "coaching pro fighters", ring-girl, etc... you would instantly see that the guy in shorts looks a lot more TKD than MT. :uhyeah:

ring girl roflmao... now that has made my night, no, my entire weekend. Cheers!

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Aug 15, 2006
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It is threads like this why I post less often.

Well... that and a heavy workload... and a life.

Look, 50+ fights isn't necessarily a big number. In the last 4 months, I have been in about 9 fights (I am doing loss prevention).

It doesn't necessarily make a guy an expert, either, though. Most of the guys I fought weren't very good fighters, thankfully. Onlybtwo have even attempted to throw punches, and the last guy rang my bell pretty good. But MOST just tried to wrestle. Even when I had a partner and they were outnumbered.

But I digress. The original post was about a guy who was dismissive of anyone who doesn't have that magical piece of cloth around their waist. That is a stupid idea, and I think most agree.

As far as what a TKD kick is... it runs the gamut. Some are "tippy-tappy" and some would ring your bell so hard it cracked.

It comes down to the practioner. Every time.

As for this ridiculous bickering, quit. That's not what this site is about. If someone is getting personal, don't respond in kind, but don't ignore it. Report it. Let the mods deal with it. It really is that easy.

Now I am going to go slam my head into a wall. Thxbye.

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Jul 2, 2006
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