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Originally posted by Kirk
What amount of time do you set for "Between Rounds" ?

Depends on how good of shape you are in. I have a round timer from ringside and you could set it to as little as 30 seconds. But 1 minute is a good start and then try working your way down to 30 seconds.

It also depends on exactly what your doing. A speed bag if your good can go on for a long time but a heavy bag will take more out of you and require more rest. While a double end bag involves more footwork than a heavy bag so there are many variables to consider.

It really depends on you, but in general in my opinion. If you only needed a 30 second rest you would be doing pretty good.


We do it 2 different ways. We either work one round and have no more than 30 sec break. OR, we will line up and each person gets 20 hits and goes to the back of line. The line is no more that 4 ppl long


Originally posted by Kirk
What amount of time do you set for "Between Rounds" ?

On a dbl end page, I do 3 min rounds, 1 min rest. The heavy bag I will go 20 min straight.


Almost everyone trains with the bags before class, during our informal stretch, warm, lift & playtime :D In the downstairs is our gym area with shower, changing rooms, and bags. We have a heavy bag, medium and speed bags both bungee-supported and ceiling-suspended.

Personally I box after stretching and instead of resting, I'll change bags. Heavy bag, speed, kicks, more boxing, more speed. Elbows and knees last, then the makiwara board. I will pause between sets for a few seconds, but that's it. I enjoy it :boing1: and go as long as I feel. Five to fifteen minutes, I guess.

I used to hate the heavy bag, but now that I can make it move I love it ;)

For sparring sessions, we've always done 2 minute rounds with a minute rest as underbelts, then 2 or 3 minute rounds, with a 30 second or 1 minute rest, respectively.

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