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Ok silly little question from my childish mind......But I was just playing Dynasty Warriors and got a little idea.

Imagine we live in the same world, but wars and fights were still done with Martial Arts and we used horses and bow and arrows instead of trucks and guns. Proper respect would be shown and everything. Would you be less hesitant to go to war?

Me personally it wouldnt make a differance......war is war :asian:

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Dec 4, 2001
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I've been a soldier for a little while now, and although I am a paper-pushing desk jockey now, I have three and a half years in the Infantry, and four years in the Cavalry to give me more than a small idea of what life is like in Combat Arms.

While War is War, at the same time Modern War is far more dangerous than Ancient War.

I can kill a man (as long as I can see part of him) at 400 meters consistently with my basic weapon. That's difficult to do with a blade. ;) The enemy can deny me routes of travel, or simply deny a whole bunch of people of life, by the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

I have to say after 11 years of military training and 16 years of martial arts training, I am way more afraid of being gassed with chemical or biological agents, or getting vaporized with a nuke, than I am of some bad guy coming at me waving three feet of steel...

I have joked for years that the US would be a much safer and more polite place if we were all required, by law, to carry a blade of at least 18 inches in length for everyone aged 13 and up (of course that would also have the caveat that there were absolutely no firearms available to the public of any kind, ever). Some folks have laughed and said that was hogwash, but replace the blade with a gun, and you can see how folks would get really polite really quickly.

Bottom line, though, soldiers never really want to go to war. Only politicians do, and even then I don't think they do.



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Aug 29, 2001
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Given the ground rules you set down my answere is:
If attacked I will meet force with force
If attacked repeadedly by the same person or group I have 2 choices 1. seek peace @. eliminate the problem
Do i try to develope my skills in the sword, knife, and bow Hell yes.
Do I try to make my weapons better, stronger, shoot a greater distance most likely
Do I seek war NO


deppends.. Would we have other technological advances? I mean are we going to be sending out sailing ships to carry troops around the world? if so I am assumming we have no satalite communication, probably no phones.

If you mean total period technology I think you have to keep things local simply because of the speed of communication and deployment of troops.

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