back in 1985


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Apr 30, 2007
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This weekend I did some fixures and cleaning in some of my archive box and find a book my sambonim gave to me as a reference not as a gifth so I have to send it back LOL!!! Well this book was written by Grand Master Ramiro Guzman one of the best TKDoings and full contact fighter Mexido had back in 1970's. G.M. Guzman is a TKF ahll if fame member and was a member of the Mexican TKD Team back in 1973 where he woln bronce medal in the Firsth TKD Champiomships in Seoul Korea.

Well G.M. Guzman is now the head of Soobak Do in Mexico.

This book was autographed back in 1985 to my sambonim.

The nice thing about the book is that all the moves are very shotokan alike, for example the dolyo chagui is chamberded exactly is Shotokan Karate men do, EXACTLY!!!! even the reberse punch is chambered exactly even the Ap Kubi is the same as the one used in shotokan. The book shows the Palgwes forms and it was nice to see again how TKD was in the past.

Seen and reading this humble book gave me the joy to start again TKD in mayber an old fashion way but remember I am old shool man.

What I am going to do is to add to my warm up/stretching some of the old methods of conditioning and even I will not teach palgwes (because I need to relearn them myself) I will take a lot of references about one steps using the palgwes principles.

In other words, my class now will be a little diferent, and my TKD wll be not as aerial but more conected to the ground.

I liked a lot to re read this book!!