Armchair Kenpoist?



What exactly is an "armchair kenpoist" ? The first I've heard of
that term was on this site. I take kenpo 2 days a week, and
cardio kickboxing as often as I can on "non kenpo days". Often
I'm soooooooooo tired, I just can't get myself to stand up and
practice my techniques, so I'll do them sitting down, minus the
footwork of course. I usually get one or two days a week where
I can practice techs fully at home, but on the other days, I do
what I can .. am I an armchair kenpoist???? :confused:
kirk im not sure but i believe they are refering to the ever popular know it all the guy who may have been to one or two classes and quit or perhaps watchs enter the dragon and all of the sudden think they know everything about the art... however i dont think that your in that catagory... from your posts you seem to be dedicated and willing to learn which is not the sign of an armchair martial artist...
I think the "armchair kenpoist" is the guy who can talk your ear off using kenpo jargon, but really can't put it together on the floor.

I think it first came up when I described two students discussing whether a motion was a "whipping motion" or a "hammering motion" when they should have been hitting the tech lines that were running.

I think the "armchair kenpoist" is the guy who can talk your ear off using kenpo jargon, but really can't put it together on the floor.

That would be the one. :shrug:

Run into some of those from time to time.

Question: You ever get someone who when learning a new technique has to stand there and question or analyze every little detail of it? I find it irritating because then when you ask them to do the technique they can't. They were too busy gabbing instead of working on it. :soapbox: (stepping down now)

They were too busy gabbing instead of working on it.

That guy's in my class! ;) And he feels he knows better and
has to correct you on the WRONG way to do the technique!
I have one of the ones who analise every thimg .Has to get it exact and perfect or
he dosen't want to do it . Takes forever to do the simplist thing because he is analiseing everything.Corrects everyone (or tries to) and wonders why I will not promote him.
Always trying techniques he hasn't been shown yet but saw someone else doing.Thinks he is impressing everyone.
Potential lifetime white belt
anyone ever have the "cartoon" or "movie" martial artist? you know the guy that comes in and while you are sparring or doing self-defenses he starts trying crap he saw on dragon ball z or stuff he saw in a movie someplace?

Once and a while I have, but there is a problem. Sometimes some of that stuff would actually work during sparring. They would try something they saw and you would be either rolling with laughter or total surprise and, BAM get hit with it. :rofl:

lmao true seen that happen lol i had one guy that thought he could punch and move as fast as the characters on dragon ball z and this guy was 19 so i think he had some problems but it was fun to watch him try i eventually pulled him aside and told him maybe he should just practice that at home he eventually ended up leaving and going to one of the local mcdojos down the road
I think a lot of people view the older instructors that are today more in the "administration or teaching mode":soapbox: and not actually working out physically like the younger guys as the Armchair Kenpoists. Many have not known most of these seniors when they were extremely active:boxing: and in full blown workout mode. :duel:

Does this mean they should get less respect or that their knowledge is worth less, just because they don't look like the young chiseled hard-body?

The student should be after the knowledge one possesses and is willing to share with you, not worry about what the individual body type is. :asian:

I always laugh..... the big guys that need to shed a few pounds, always get all the heat....... How often do you pick on the skinny, wimpy looking Senior to gain weight?:idunno:

Hee hee........... :rofl: hee hee........ sorry :confused: I forgot.... there arn't any.:)

There must be a wise thought here........
Backup Mass!! We can't have too much of that:rofl: :
(At least that's my story:D )
Take care
Slimfast? maybe?

I tried, but I just flat love to eat!! :D


:ladysman: Chicks dig the big guy, right GD!

I love the guys who know every theory, and can quote from the books on cue but can maitain teir balance during delayed sword. To me that is the armchair kenpoist.
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