Anybody knows Hong Kong?



I am curious if anyone here is from Hong Kong; and if so, do you know whether the Triad is a reality these days?

I grew up there but moved to Canada 6 years ago. I am thinking of going back for jobs. Any idea what's my chance of street fight encounters with highly skilled fighters? And what's the law like over there? (I know in Canada you can easily be sued for "excessive self defense", is it like that in Hong Kong too?)

Also, do you know any good place to train full contact (kyokushin style) in Hong Kong?

I think it's well to remember that Hong Kong is now a part of the People's Republic. Full-contact training such as you find in Kyokushin will not likely exist there unless it's underground.

The police will likely be much like those found in other parts of Red China..........
Yili Sifu,

Thank you for the responses. I have a few more questions.

Does Chinese government has qualms with full contact trainings? I came across a Kyokushin Hong Kong website a few months ago, but I didn't bother to e-mail them at the time. I don't know if they actually train full contact, but they don't look underground to me.

And about your last comment... are you implying corruption? I know it used to be a big, er, pardon me, I mean major problem in Hong Kong. But the ICAC did a good job of wiping them clean. With China taking over... is it back to corruptions again? I hope not, I am hoping to join the police force there.


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