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has anyone heard of this art?? when they say influence, do they mean take techniqques, or the techniques are similar?
I was also unable to see the picture, but I looked at the 'properties' and it said that it was connected to the website so I checked it out and found that the diagram is on about halfway down.

All of the arrows pointing to Kyokushin Karate are the arts that influenced that art. All of the arrows pointing away from Kyokushin are the arts that were influenced by it.

I trained in Kyokushin Kai for a short amount of time within the Budo Karate House Program ( and found that it contained many of the forms that I learned within Goju-ryu karate and Shotokan Karate and wasn't too heavily influenced by Judo. It is basically like any other karate except that its focus is fully on full contact fighting under the K-1 or Sabaki Challenge rules. There is little self defense techniques taught. You do basics, kata or bagwork or you are fighting full contact.

I loved the full contact way of life, but I felt trapped by the inability of the students to think for themselves. It was his way or the highway and often times the way was inefficient (well, I think that about Kata in general, so you'll have to go to someone else for a different opinion)
Can't see it too well because I had to shrink it but just go to Turner 's link and you can see it fine.


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