am i over looking judo for real self defence?

Tony Dismukes

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Nov 11, 2005
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Lexington, KY
Sure. I just don't think someone who's first win was an obvious a fluke, then lost 5 in a row before retiring, is world class. Do you?

I assume that's referring to Pat Smith. Nah, I don't think he's world class. However, he is a legitimate TKD black belt and with a 66-8 kickboxing record, I do think he's quite a bit tougher than most TKD black belts. I'd rate him as a solid professional, even if he never made it to the top ranks.

In comparison, Royce Gracie has never won a major BJJ competition or defeated a top BJJ competitor, so I can't quite buy your contention that their fight was a match up of a world-class grappler against a striking "bum". (Also, let's not forget Smith's 50 pound weight advantage.)

Gerard Gordeau would be the highest ranked striker that Royce has defeated. I'm curious as to how you will attempt to denigrate his abilities and accomplishments.

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