A review of Carl Cestari's first combatives tape...

Phil Elmore

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Mar 30, 2002
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...appears here on my web page.

For a long time I'd been hearing that Cestari's combatives tapes were incredibly good and impossible get. When the first of the series was recently made available again, I jumped at the chance -- and was extremely impressed.
Since my original post I've reviewed the other two tapes in the series, too.
A 10 year yellow belt is not qualified to review anything. MA is outside of your area of expertise. Go home.
Ah, the notorious troll "bustr" makes an appearance at MartialTalk.

For those of you watching from the audience and feeling slightly confused, "bustr" is one of the small but devoted group of Hikuta Trolls whose sense of self-worth is so wrapped up in devotion to this sad "art" (with its unsubstantiated and somewhat fanciful history) that they follow me around the Web complaining bitterly about it to this day.
Well, we've established that you think your resume is important. :rolleyes:

You might want to actually educate yourself before you make a fool of yourself out of anger that my opinion on the matter was different than your own. But then, none of your information is particularly accurate, so I don't imagine that's of great concern to you.

Sad, very sad.
HikutaCombatSystems.com goes under!
Phil Elmore and his cronies can now give thanks to their pagan gods- HikutaCombatSystems.com is now no more!

But from the ashes arises- www.hikuta.net

Done by an honest to goodness web master no less!
I have now officially quit trying to muck up my web site and turned it over to a professional.

Check out out and e mail me feed back when you guys can PLUS now my site can have some of those "gee Whizz" effects. E mail me any suggestions - my webmastewr claims he is the master of all things photoshop and web effects- lets see if we can challenge him!

Jack Savage
My, he's been busily spamming MT, hasn't he? I've dispatched a PM to the Administrator.
Person signs up, makes 4 posts, all the same, attacking another user.

Sorry, take the personal vendettas elsewhere.
hey, what happened?

were those Tapes good?? who's the troll? what's going on?!?!!? man, i don't know. "trolling" is something new to me. I have never heard of it until i got on these forums and stuff. i don't give them satisfaction, just ignore them. IF possible.

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