A little about Bando

I suppose inthe ned there is a teacher out there for everyone. Those that are content will stay where they are. Those that feel the need to move on will. The best you can do is find what makes you happy and maintain good relationships.:D
Yikes. Yep, this strayed quite a bit from bando. Yowza.


thanks for info. you wrote: "As Dr Gyi says it's a pump truck system."

i think you meant "dump" truck system. yes, it ain't pretty, but it gets the job done. phenomenal and explosive - all this while he's in his 70's.

from my understanding, which may or may not be right, he specialized in eagle. but as the head of ABA, he learned it all. with the animal styles, it's really based on your body type. if you are short and stocky, boar is good for you. big and stocky, bull would be it. etc....

i could be wrong - i thought the gurkhas did not do bando as in ABA bando.

for those who don't know me, check out my site:


and for bando info, specifically


please Renegade, post more. and although, i'm in NY, it's NYC, i did a mapping from yahoo and it's like an 8 hr drive to your neck of the woods for me! or was that 8 hrs roundtrip. too much time on road to be away from wife and 2 kids. if i had the time, everytime you host Dr. Gyi, i would be there, alas!

I suppose if I was to take bando that would make me "weasel" style. Heh heh heh...
What I'm interested in knowing is if the bando animal styles are similar in form and attitude to any Chinese counterparts. Anybody know?

I've had my current instructor and a past instuctor show me the "Boar" stretches and some other animals I can't remember and man do they work and loosen you up.
Now now, don't call the ASPCA or anything...I'm referring to the bando exercises :)

Is there an online resource you know of that illustrates/explains these stretching exercises? Very interested.

I have yet to see any webpage with the excercises on them. They remind me a lot of yoga kinda.
That reminds me...in a recent interview, Dan Inosanto said he studies 'yoga jujutsu', which is apparently some kind of yoga/jujutsu hybrid created by some BJJ guy. Weird.

the yoga/jj he learned is from one of the machados. the recent DBMA Camp featured a session on it.

of course, there is ginastica naturale too.

doubt if there is an online site with the ABA stretching exercises on it. if you find one, please let us know.
I have spoken to people that claim that they have seen Dr. Gyi's book of special photos, and they really had no reason to lie. Regardless what anyone thinks of his background many influential people who know what they are doing believing what Dr. Gyi teaches.
Even if his military history is fabricated, his skills and knowledge of martial arts are still to be respected, and have been endorsed by many prominent martial artists...Dan Inosanto, to name one.

It's just unfortunate that Dr. Gyi felt he needed to 'pad his resume', so to speak, when it probably wasn't necessary...it that is indeed what happened.

The point is moot, anyway, since I know diddly-poop about Bando. Just stating an opinion based on the evidence given. Ain't important anyway, as long as the people who have trained with him are satisfied. What difference can an opinion from a nobody like me make? :D

From what I have heard that history may just be what the government wants us to know. The special bok that I heard about has some neat stories attached to it. Many time people have been given an identity to live by the U.S. Government because they didn't want the public to know the real facts.

Whatever the case may be I wouldn't want him to be upset at me.
There is a little bando discussion in the IMA-General forum but with Dr. Gyi's upcoming visit to Mr. Hartman's camp I'd like to hear more! It'll be my first meeting with him.

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