This is a tribute to all the victims and people who were affected by 9/11. That tragic Day many peoples lives were changed heroes were made of men and women. I would proudly like to start this thread to honor those who have died and were affected by 9/11.
I bow to those heroes who gave there life for freedom. If there was just one message I could give them it would be THANK YOU.
Sincerley Shawn S. Aka Judo-Kid.
Judo-Kid: you beat me to it!

I would like to suggest that as tribute to all victims of 9/11, we have an internet moment of silence. Sometime today, if you can, give your self a moment to reflect on this past year, and the victims of such a tragic event.

To do the moment of silence, make sure you turn your signature off, and write only a period (.) to denote silence.

I will start this. Everyone have a great day!