75 videos ip on you tube

Victor Parlati

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Jan 22, 2011
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My name is Victor Parlati
8 years training in Ving Tsun 1973-83 with Moy Yat

28 years training in TWC ( traditional wing chun) with William Cheung 1983-2011

Started training in catch as catch can wrestling in 2002 (includes spending time training with Billy Robinson in 2011)

Began training in boxing in 2005 at Gleasons gym

Stated mixing the three arts in 2008

Have 75 videos up on you tube
As I said, I have some 75 videos posted on YouTube doing what I now call Wing Chun mma. Anyone interested enough to want to see me post some links to the videos right here?
I remember seeing some of your videos a few years ago. TWC seems like it could be a good platform for those looking to mix other stuff into it. Out of curiosity, did you train directly with both Moy Yat and William Cheung, or with other sifu from those lineages?

We don't have too many Moy Yat or TWC guys that visit here very often, but if youre interested in sharing your interpretation, lets see it!

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